Thursday, May 10, 2018

Peep Show

OMG, has Fio gotten behind on her blog again? Well, she'll just have to give you a clip from one of her novels in progress:

Now, how about some of Aunt Sarah’s cow juice before she went to bed?  Lolly grabbed a paper cup from the cupboard and walked to the refrigerator.  As she started to pour the milk, the back door opened. 
Damn, she’d forgotten to set the security alarm.  Uncle Keith must be making it home for once, and here she was, barefoot, wearing nothing but bikini panties and a Harry Potter nightshirt.   But what the heck.  After all, he was Aunt Sarah’s husband.  Besides, he was a doctor, and he’d seen people a lot more naked than she was.
She flashed him a smile and lifted the milk bottle in greeting.  “Just finishing an assignment and thought I’d celebrate a little before I went back to bed.” 
Putting her cup down on the counter, she turned to replace the milk on the refrigerator shelf.
Rough hands reached around to enclose her breasts and she was overwhelmed by alcohol fumes. Uncle Keith’s voice was guttural and his words slurred. “Been wondering if these jugs were real.”

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