Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Earrings and Long Hair

Fio needs to follow up on yesterday's post and explain about her parents not wanting her to look like someone from across the sea. As the offspring of immigrant families, it was imperative to them that their own family fit in, and to them, pierced ears were an immediate negative indicator. Another negative indicator was long hair. Always the romantic, Fiorella preferred to let her locks hang down her back, but, although barrettes or rubber hands were always involved, they were not enough for Mother. Thus, when Fio was in the third grade, she persuaded Fio to get her hair cut, but by the time Fiorella reached high school, it was half-way down her back again. This time, Mother bribed her with going to a beauty shop every month. Then came college and, out from under parental control, Fiorella let her hair grow out again until she turned forty and decided to grow up.

Strangely enough, Mom always told Fio that it was Dad who wanted her to get her hair cut, but he himself never said a word to Fio about it. In fact, he seemed oblivious.

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