Thursday, May 3, 2018

Languages, Trump, Inspirations

Fiorella's at it again--the language thing--and she's attacking on a couple of different fronts. There's the Spanish, of course, which friend Juana reinvigorated by sending over a pack of cards with messages in Spanish on them, and there's the Hindi, Bengali, and Vietnamese, which Fio is quizzing her new friends at Capital One abour.
It's fascinating to watch the rats leaving Trump's sinking ship.His long-time doctor is now coming forward with his story, but one wonders--did he really expect Trump to remain loyal to him? Didn't he understand that the only person that Trump is loyal to is himself?
Where do you get your ideas for what happens in your stories, Fiorella? From life, my dear. Yesterday afternoon, the rhythm of the road lulled me into a hypnotic trance when I was returning home from Austin, and I overshot the exit to Georgetown by about five miles and had to turn around. You can bet that's going to end up in my next book.

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