Friday, October 30, 2020

From Woes to Writing

 Bad news--the balcony on the back of the house has to be taken down and replaced--Fio's house is turning into a money pit. To make it worse, your girl took a hit in the ribs when she was breaking a tree limb for the fireplace and it still HURTS. On the other hand, the maid was able to start Fiorella's boom box and Fio's realtor has located someone who will take out the accumulated garage trash. 

More good news--Fio is in touch with the daughter of a cousin on the maternal side, the side on which the women for the past three generations have married guys who have surnames beginning with the same letter. Put that one down in the Guiness Book of Records!

If you're in the least interested, your girl is steadily improving from the whiplash that the tree branch she was trying to turn into firewood gave her. She's still has trouble getting up and down, but apparently the only thing broken is the branch itself.

Thought you might like a teaser from one of Fio's unpublished romances. Situation: Neil has just learned his son was hurt in a kidnap attempt. His Jag had been waiting in covered parking  at the airport and since he since he didn't have any luggage to claim, Neil was able to clear the terminal in record time, but the drive into Austin took forever.  A semi had jack-knifed across the highway and brought the traffic down to one lane. Meanwhile, his fatherly imagination, flickering at the corners of his mind, had tried to paint a lurid picture of Aidan bleeding to death on a hospital table, but his brain told him otherwise. Miss Prim was in control, and she wouldn't let anything happen to his son.

Warning--Fiorella has located a cache of short stories she will soon be unleashing upon you. 




Updating the Move

 Dang! Fiorella forgot to take out the trash. Oh well--it'll keep till next week.

Your girl wants to get hold of some kind of touch-up paint to cover all the nicks and scrapes on the woodwork in the house. Hoping she can convince Son to pick up a pint of something appropriate from Home Depot and, in the process, grab another jasmine to replace the one that withered in its urn.

This is going to be a weird Halloween--not that Fio's neck of the woods has ever had door-knockers, but that everything has changed. Covid is its own horror show, and it plays every day of the week.

Okay, Fiorella is running behind so she'll be adding to this post as it occurs to her. 

Because of the work on the balcony, Fiorella will probably be in the house through Christmas, which, with almost everything having been packed into the garage, is not something she looks forward to. The house is beginning to echo.







Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Little Bits and Pieces

 How I love my Shredded Wheat / My all-time favorite breakfast treat/ For crunchiness, it can't be beat/ So it's the only treat I eat 😁

What's this about Trump busing in his usual attendees, then leaving them out in the freezing cold after they'd performed at the rally? 

Eek--it looks like Fiorella is going to have to grab some mittens for her outdoor faucets when she drops by Target to pick up a few extras. Hmm...or maybe she could just wrap the faucets with shredded newspaper like Husband did.

Congratulate your girl--it took her a while, but she's scrubbed every tread and riser on the staircase plus the upstairs railings. They'll all still have to be repainted, though--white doesn't wear well, and  it's been twenty years.

Looking around, Fiorella is pleased to note that most of the boxes and bags that she has bought and that Realtor Mallary has contributed have been filled and moved to the garage. On the other hand, the cars are now parked in the driveway.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fiorella's Political Career

Running for office can bring out the worst in a person, as Fiorella learned the hard way years ago when she ran for School Board.

Your girl had been active in the community and served two terms as president of the city Parent-Teachers Association and also gained recognition as a local newspaper correspondent so you might say she had it in the bag--except that her opponent's bag was loaded with dirty tricks as petty as dumping Fio's trash bags into other people's cans to make it look like she was avoiding the pick-up fee and as blatant as, with great fanfare, joining Fiorella's church. 

It didn't stop there. When Fio listed her  four-point objectives, her opponent (her former PTA VP, by the way) claimed the same objectives. And then there was the battle of the campaign signs. One morning Fio woke up to see her sign had been replaced by her opponent's sign in her across-the-street neighbor's front yard. Her neighbor hurried across the street and said she had no choice--that it was the wish of a dying church friend. Then there was the woman who called and asked for ten signs, which Fio delivered--but when she checked back a week later, the signs were still piled in the woman's yard. Then Fiorella learned that her opponent had told the high school special-needs mothers that Fio, whose oldest was in a special needs class for reading, was opposed to these programs. 

Not that Fio didn't make a few stupid moves on her own which she didn't realize till it was too late, but surprisingly, even with the tidal wave against her, your girl got a fairly good turn-out--but not enough. 

But maybe School Board had not been in the cards for Fiorella. When she and Husband had visited Waco in the middle of her campaign, they pounded one of her signs in her parents' front yard so everyone would know what Fio was up to, but after they left, then circled the block to get a picture of the sign, it had been removed because "The neighbors would think we were selling the house."



Monday, October 26, 2020

Keeping You Up to Date with Fiorella

 After a series of flickers in the middle of the night, the house went black, which wouldn't have been a problem except that your girl needed to use the facilities. What the heck--she had lived in this house for twenty years and could feel her way to the nearest bathroom, right? You know the answer to that. When the lights came back on, miraculously soon, she herself staring at the wall of the arts and crafts room.

It's suddenly gotten cold in Fiorella's neck of the woods so she's gearing up the fireplace again. Not only is fire the quickest way to get rid of fallen branches and paper trash, but, as you know, the pyromaniac in Fio loves to watch the dancing flames.

Friend Paula called from Vermont yesterday, and it looks like she and husband Alan will be moving up there in the near future. They plan to set up housekeeping with their daughter and her family, just as Fiorella plans to set up housekeeping with Younger Son and family. The times, they are a-changing, but THANK YOU, GOD, for telephones, email, and FB messenger.

The work on your girl's house has come to a screeching halt regarding the rotting balcony beam, but Realtor Mallary will be bringing a couple of guys over on Thursday who might be able to handle the situation. Fio will keep you posted, but meanwhile, DON'T GO OUT ON THE BALCONY!

Hooray for Fiorella--she finally got the painting of herself wearing the granny dress boxed up. It took two of the big, skinny boxes that the Bankers Boxes came in and was a bit awkward to tape, but she did it and she's proud of herself--not just for the packing, but because she used what she had on hand instead of going out and buying something.








Sunday, October 25, 2020

Keeping Up with the Local Scene

 Fiorella's Trumpster friend says she doesn't want to put up yard signs because she's afraid they'll be stolen or set on fire by Biden adherents. Hey, there--your girl's across-the-street neighbor has posted a Trump sign which neither Fio nor any one else has touched, although to tell the truth and remembering two years ago when she had four signs stolen from her yard, Fio's been gritting her teeth. 

Remember all the time and labor Fiorella put into boxing up the family paintings?  Well, last night, she pulled apart all the upright boxes, the ones that didn't have covers, and gave the paintings a safer, more comfortable bedding in new Bankers Boxes, tearing off the cardboard flaps and using them to protect the tops of the paintings.

Sigh....maybe, in the new house, Fio will be able to set up Grandpa's easel and turn out a few more masterpieces, but that will probably be a year away. Besides, who cares about sketches and paintings anymore when cell phone cameras are available--which your girl admits, she too has taken advantage of?

One of the two jasmines guarding the left side of the front porch has died, and someone or something has cracked the large urn guarding the right side.  GRRRRRRRRR.....

Now that the weather has turned, Fio has decided to use the fireplace to get rid of paper trash rather than continue hauling the garbage can up to the top of the road. It'll save on the heating bill too.




Saturday, October 24, 2020

That Clock, the Weather, Art, A Complaint, Anagrams

About that antique clock, Fiorella will not be putting it in a box and storing it in the garage with the other boxes. Instead, it will sit in regal solitude on the front room shelves until moving day arrives. Then Fio will seat herself in Son's car, the precious clock in her lap, just as it sat in her lap when Husband drove her to their new residence twenty years ago--just as she hopes it will be in Daughter's lap when she takes it to her own home twenty years from now.

The weather has suddenly turned cold. Fiorella started strolling up the driveway to put some letters in the mailbox, then instantly turned back to the house to get her shawl. Sonia Dog, on the other hand, was ecstatic. 

You've seen the painting of Fio in the "granny dress" she made, but has your girl shown you the painting she did of herself when she was a bright and shiny eighteen-year-old just entering college? Her roommate didn't like the portrait, of course--remember, this is the same roommate who took Fiorella's boyfriend's picture down from the wall and stuck it in the closet.

Fio's beginning to think that Blogger's new set-up was designed to thwart poets and writers. WHAT THE HECK KIND OF CLIENTELE IS IT TRYING TO ATTRACT?

Just solved all four of the newspaper anagrams--it's going to be a good day😁