Thursday, February 22, 2018

Idle Conjecture

Sometimes Fiorella wonders if, like cats, we all are born with nine lives, and that each time we lose one of them, we move into another dimension in which we're still alive. Fio also wonders if sometimes the dimensions get confused...and so do we. Interesting, at least to Fiorella.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fiorella's On The Warpath

Fio won't go on Facebook till later because she needs to catch up with her book, and she also needs a rest from dealing with heartless people. Yesterday, she was all over FB, making cleverly devastating remarks, throwing Russian at trolls, predicting the downfall of the orange man, and being mad as hell. Can you believe that Trump went from a brief hospital visit, which was mostly a photo op, to a disco party? That the Florida legislature won't even consider tightening-up gun laws and has dismissed the concerns of the survivors as teen-age nonsense? Can you believe that even the hardest heart is not moved by the horror? The tragedy? The tears? Can you believe the crack-pated ideas that have been floated around, like every teacher being armed--can't you just see a couple of your old un-favorites arranging a duel at dawn? Or taking out a student who's asking too many questions? Or accidentally shooting a hole through the roof as he/she wrestles a pull-down map, a yardstick, and a stack of papers all at the same time?

But never fear. Fiorella's absence from FB will only last till the afternoon, when she'll hurl herself into action again. Till then, sleep well with the knowledge that Fio has sent an email to the editor of Georgetown's bi-weekly newspaper calling for a local march on March 24 in support of the massacre survivors and their fallen classmates.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The circus tent is falling down,
Falling down, falling down
All around the orange clown,
My fair lady

Build it up with angry tweets
Angry tweets, angry tweets
Outright lies and whiny bleats
My fair lady

The circus tent is falling down
Falling down, falling down
The orange one's hiding out of town
My fair lady

Mar-a-Lago won't keep him safe
Keep him safe, keep him safe
Don't look now, but it's too late
My fair lady

Monday, February 19, 2018

Anger, Decision, Determination

Fio doesn't care about what is going on with Jennifer and Justin. They live in Hollywood and are not real people. What she does care about is that the name of her dear friend, Sharon Lee Utz Kite, was hijacked by Ford to introduce a sleezy advertisement on FB--and a mattress company hijacked Sharon's name a month earlier. SHAME! Fio is contacting Sharon's son and daughter and hopes they sue Ford dry.
While Fio's on a rampage, she will confide that she's laying plans for a gun-control walk in Georgetown, and this time, she won't be alone. Or maybe she will be, but that won't stop her.
Fiorella is very upset about how things are going right now. It seems like everywhere she turns, life's a mess. So does that mean she's going to withdraw for a while and give herself a break? Hell, no! Now's the time for action! Full speed ahead, Fiorella! You have a world to save!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Dogs Know

Several years ago, Fiorella was horrified to hear a woman say that she and her husband had trained their dogs to stay on their property by beating them when they strayed, but Fio let it pass because she was flattered that the woman, whom she admired, had chosen her as a friend. Ultimately, the  woman ended up deserting her in an unfamiliar city under the worst of cirumstances. Lesson learned: never trust anyone who beats dogs.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Fiorella is tryng to get back to"normal," whatever that is, but she can't seem to find the dock.
It's 3:15 in the afternoon now, and Fio has finally realized why the Florida massacre hit her so hard--because it brought out all those carefully buried memories of her nephew's death in the University of Texas tower massacre. Of the noise, the confusion,the carnival-like atmosphere, the family going haywire, the world turning upside down. Things like that are supposed to happen on TV, not in your town, not at your college, and certainly not to your relatives, especially not to kids with their whole lives ahead of them.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Call to Action!

Fiorella cried on and off all yesterday morning because--as if sympathizing with the Florida parents' sorrow wasn't enough--she kept putting herself in their place. How would she ever have coped with the murder of one of her three precious children--or all of them, which may be the case for some of those families. How callous can people be that they offer insipid "thoughts and prayers," but express no outrage and take no action? Wake up, parents! It's up to us to stoke the fire! Gun control has saved lives in Australia, Britain, and Canada, and it can save our children's lives here in the United States too!