Friday, January 20, 2017

Chocolate, Kleenex,

Fio read that one square of dark chocolate per day can stave off diabetes which, she figures, translates into eight squares of milk chocolate. Right?
How did people survive without Kleenex, toilet paper, and paper towels?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Great Day!

Fio had a wonderful day yesterday. She rushed around after she got up, took care of the house, then spent a good hour outside laying in the last of the rocks on the south side of the south driveway. which gave her an enormous sense of accomplishment. Then she drove off to Dan's South in Austin for a late lunch with friend Joan, whom she met in a short story class, lo these many moons ago. They laughed a lot, updated each other on their lives, and shared their concerns about the new political scene. Fio drove home in a good mood and helped Husband split logs for the fireplace, than checked out Facebook. Two supporting messages, no attacks. Apparently GH has moved on--or maybe flown off to DC for the inauguration.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plans for the Future

Fiorella will take one more swipe at Gwen Hodges on Facebook later this week, then bow out of the conversation. She had hoped to persuade Gwen to come up to the high road, or at least become acquainted with civil discourse, but such was not to be. It makes Fio sad, but she has other things to do, things that have a better chance of bearing fruit. Yes, Fio's going to concentrate on her writing--novels, short stories, poetry. They will carry her message further and wider than jousting with Gwen ever would.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fio Loves Being in Control

Fiorella is queen of Facebook. All she has to do is say something and Gwen Hodges attacks long and loud. Now, Gwen is nothing if not predictable, so predictable that Fio decided to test her by posting information about Melania's atheist Marxist-Leninist roots, followed by "Hmm..."

Yup, Gwen's response was apoplectic. Nothing meaningful, just shouting and lies, which a foot-long parade of counter-responses are mowing to the ground. It was sort of fun, though, setting her up to look ridiculous. And so appropriate following MLK Day, which Gwen opened up with an ugly picture of John Lewis and an equally ugly condemnation of him.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fiorella's Confession

Fiorella strives to be nice at all times to all beings and even things like plants, rocks and furniture, which she anthropomorphizes, so it's hard on her when people are mean to her. When they criticize her, ridicule her, betray her. Fio knows she must brace herself because it's the way of the world, but it's hard. That's why she writes this blog, to get her own word in.

UPDATE: Fio wrote the depressive post above last night, then became involved in a family crisis late in the evening. You would think it would drive her deeper into depression, but she immediately devised a plan to deal with the situation., slept well, and awoke this morning rarin' to go. As she's told you, she's a woman of action. ALWAYS FACE PROBLEMS HEAD ON!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gwen Hodges Follow-Up

Wondering how the rest of the world would react, Fiorella posted Gwen's Hodges' quotation on Facebook--the one about how hilarious it would be to see old ladies break their hips while marching on Inauguration Day. FB was just as horrified as Fio was, and friend after friend piled on Gwen, explaining to her how how inappropriate her post was, but, true to her idol, instead of apologizing, she went on a full-fledged diversion attack, accusing "libs" of having thin skins, saying Fio was being judgmental, and finding it funny that people were concerned about the ultimate outcome of Trump's election. But at the end of the evening, Fio hopes what everyone said will sink in with Gwen--may God enlighten her mind and heart.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Fiorella lives in a rather innocent world, as she discovers again and again. This time she was made aware of it by a Facebook post. Now, Fio has been quite active on FB lately because it's her major venue for fighting the good fight. Being somewhat naive, she took the high road instead of putting up hateful picture posters or attacking anyone with a different opinion than hers, but two women she attended school with took the low road, viciously attacking not only Fio's candidate, but Fio herself. Fio played along for several months, trying for civil discourse. After all, the lead woman used religious references and posted videos of charming animals.

But it was all fake, a disguise, as Fio realized when she caught a posting the woman had put on another timeline.  "I am laughing at all the old women out marching on Inauguration Day" the woman said. "How many will fall and break their hipsLOL! Can u imagine what they would be doing if Ted Cruz had won??? You just can't make this stuff up."

Fio went into shock. This woman was no Christian or anything else. She was anticipating--hoping for--women, especially elderly women, to fall and break their bones, and, like Nero watching saints being killed by lions in his  blood-soaked arena, she was planning to laugh at them writhing in pain.

Gwen Hodges, GOP bigwig, Georgetown, TX, Fio prays you will one day find the love of Christ in your heart.