Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bad Day

As if it weren't enough that Fio spent a couple of hours at Mazda on Monday, only to learn that her engine light wouldn't go off because she hadn't tightened down the gas tank lid. As if it weren't enough that her brake light wouldn't go off on Tuesday, and she'll have to take the car in again this morning, hoping to get it back in time to meet with Evelyn, then Paula, in Austin. As if it weren't enough that her computadora has been pinging off at random times for two days, although when she left it at Click Computer Repair yesterday afternoon, it behaved like an angel. As if all these things weren't enough, Fiorella, who watches very little television, had to choose between Mi Marido Tiene Familia and The Little Couple last night. She chose the former, of course, because Little Couple will be rebroadcast at some point, but her teeth are grinding. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


This is an oil Fiorella painted years ago when she was in an outdoorsy phase. The little house was off Dessau Roadand the road was wet from the rain. Husband parked the car off to the side and Fio unloaded her easel, paint, and brushes, then prayed no one came out of the house with a rifle in hand.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Art and Fiorella

 As usual, Fio is the dissenter, the odd man out, altough she likes to think of herself as the voice in the wilderness, the child who cries "the emperor has no clothes" because she sees the "art world" is a fake, a giant con. "Modern art" is nonsense. Do you realy think a giant tennis ball is worth three million?
Fiorelle wanted to major in art when she went to college, but her mother discouraged her, saying it wouldn't pay, and Mom was right. Not per se, and not because Fio didn't have the talent,  but because she couldn't have handled the BS that goes along with a BFA. Fio is an intense realist, and she would have stomped through the flutter and nonsense of art  college like a bull in a china shop. Oh, another reason it wouldn't have worked out, as she discovered when she took a couple of classes, is that women were second class citizens in art school.
"Art" and "creativity" are not synonymous. "Creativity" is a blanket term that covers not only art, but composition, writing, design, invention, and saving the world.
Some people talk art. Fio IS art, and it's not always that comfortable. She sees too much and wants to rearrange everything, including herself.
One thing Fio is not is technological, but if she were, she would seal this blog with one of her paiintings or drawings. Next time, maybe.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fiorella Staggers On

Austin son, wfe and child visited yesterday and Fiorella was thrilled. Baby is wiggling around, making noises, and responding to everything now. Fio got to hold her a lot, and she didn't even wince at her grandmother's Halloween face. The same can't be said of Son. He kept telling Fiorella how awful she looked.
Later in the afternoon, after they had left, Fiorella grabbed the pruners and went outside, but her limited  vision, the heavy heat, and a determined mosquito drove her back inside again.Then, in the evening, she ran her hand across the remains of the dried blood butterfly gauze and accidentally hooked her finger in it, pulling enough of the bandage loose than her wound started to bleed again. Pressure and a Hello Kitty bandaid took care of the situation, but Fio is doing her best to move around as little as possible.
It's twenty days now since Fio has been able to work on her novel, and she is not happy about the time loss. Each day that passes, she's losing touch with Phillipa and Bram. Wish her well.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Anagrams, Dog Training, Stored-Up Notes

It's interesting how the mind will train itself if given half a chance. When Fio starting working newspaper anagrams a couple of years ago, she had to write out the jumbled letters on individual slips of paper and move them aroundinto various configurations to figure out each word. This morning, she looked at the anagrams one by one and nailed them. It's a matter of separating the vowels from the consonants and identifying morphemes. (Not to say that Fio still doesn't get whomped every now and then.)
Two years ago, Fio and Husband stopped requiring Sonia Dog to "sit" because she had a lame leg and the posture was painful for her, but Fio's started it up again. Sonia's ankle problem is healed, and she needs to remember how to sit and be nice when Fiorella is talking over the fence to the neghbors, whose dogs, by the way are perfectly trained and polite.
Fio finished transfering all her notes (including the ones she wrote in the ophthamalagist's office on the backs of the Starbucks napkins she found wadded up in her purse) onto a safe place on her computer. Okay, she'll admit it--she put them on her blog, then set their publishing date for five years from now, hoping that, by then, she'll have used them all up on the blog, on Facebook, or in her books and poems.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Out in the Woods

The leaves crackled with sounds of escape as Fiorella walked into the west woods, which sort of hurt her feeelings. Whatever creatures were there should have known by now that she is harmless.  Fio loves the woods and everything in it, and it delights her heart to discover something she never lnew was in there before--like the fallen oak with its branches smashed beneath itself that she saw yesterday. (More firewood for winter, and Fio does like to be self sufficient.)

But Fiorella. you say, what are you doing dodging your way around a strange woods? Aren't you supposed to be taking it easy until your surgery heals? Well, Fio is bored, tired of sitting inside all day and trying to think of things to do that don't strain her eyesight, which is still a bit compromised. Working on her novel is out, and copying notes from stray sheets of paper onto her safety place has its time limits. TV is hard for her to watch because of its vibrant colors, but she has to gather news off broadcasts rather than reading the paper, whichis difficult. On the other hand, she read the funnies with no problem today and nailed the anagrams. Things are looking up.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Infinitives Have It!

Remember back when Fiorella decided she had enough Spanish nouns in her quiver to start on the verbs (los verbos)? That list she set out to learn at the time is in the waste basket now, but she's got a new list of more regular verbs nailed down.

The infinitives, the base forms, always end in ar, -er, or -ir. First person singular, of course (claro que si) always ends in -o, while second and thrd persons singular just drop the final -r. The first person plural always ends in -mos, and the second and third person plural ends in -n. Then there are the irregulars, but Fio's saving them for dessert.