Friday, August 18, 2017

Spanish, Hate, Miata

Well, Fiorella,you say, how is the Spanish coming along?
Not as quickly as I had hoped, of course, but I've finally found a reliable source for the conjugation of los verbos, although most of my new palabras are now gleaned up from context. Our yardman taught me hormigos de fuego--fire ants--yesterday, I picked up tranquila from my telenovela, and I've been composing simple sentence to myself.based on Spanish-language commercials. All of this has meant that I understand a bit more what los actores on La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo are saying.
The plain truth of the upsurgeance in hate groups is that many people don't think things through. They just  jump on the loudest band wagon that comes to town and get caught up in the mob mentality, then don't know how to get out without losing face.
Fio's baby car is in the shop again. She doesn't remember what friend Richard told her the problem is, but the cost will be $1,100 to fix. Fio is not happy. Her budget wasn't expecting a hit like this.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Handicapped Parking

After meeting with her critique group at Starucks inside Target, Fiorella returned to her baby car to find a red sticky thing had been slapped on the door warning her that if she ever parked in a handicapped spot again, the authorities would be called and her car hauled off. Scribbled acrossthe bottom of the thing was "Because of you, a wounded verteran did not have a place to park today!!!"

Now, Fio, a born rule-follower, accepts the fact that she was in the wrong. However, that shaming postscript made her mad. In the first place, she thinks suspects the "wounded veteran" reference was metephorical, that her sleek little Miata was what pissed somebody off. In the second place, Fio disagrees with the curreent veneration of every person who's ever donned a uniform. Soldiers are just like everyone else. Some are good, and some are bad. Some lead exemplary lives, and some are rats, no matter what kind of injury they have received.

Fio accepts guilt, but rejects the shame.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Somewhere in the world there are people who wake up every morning and think "What can I do to occupy my day?" Fio is not one of them.  Her daily routine is to leap out of bed, grab her lista amarilla, and think "How can I possibly get all this done today?" There's the house and the yard, the husband and the dog, the friends and family, the woods, the writing, the Spanish, and maybe a bit of art and music. And now she's wracking her brain trying to figure out a way to topple Trump and his dirty crew.

Yes, your Fiorella is a responsibility kind of a gal. Maybe because she has strong maternal instincts, maybe because she was the oldest child in the family, maybe because she feels guilty when anything--ANYTHING--goes wrong. Whatever, she's driven, so don't try to rein her in. Instead, join her cause. Together, we can bring Trump down.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Fio woke up with the thought that cashiering 15,000 transgenders from the armed forces would not only result in job turmoil within the ranks, but also up the unemployment rates and strain veteran resources. 
On the other hand, the fiat took our minds off things like the Russian scandal and the Scaramucci scandal and the Secret-Service-being-kicked-out-of-Trump-Tower scandal and the leaked incoherent telephone calls to foreign leaders and the almost daily nonsense/horror that flows from the 3:00 am Trump White House. 

Later, she watched the afternoon press conference, and realized our loser-of-the-popular-vote president has fallen off his rocker. Trump Tower is crumbling to the ground, and Putin is rolling on the floor with laughter.


Hate Must Be Defanged!

ROMANCE WRITERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! What happened in Charlottesvlle is a call to action. We must fight racism, sexism, and religious intolerance through our novels! Books have changed the world before and they can now!
Our current political situation is like the last two weeks of a Spanish-language soap opera--it's always darkest before the dawn. Yes, just as Danilo, Morgana, Estela, and that guy with the scary eyes are headed toward unhappy endings, Trump is going down.
   Fio has been thinking about the schoolyard bullies who show up in
TV costumes at marches and the misanthropes who dominate  Trump's
rallies. These people are in hate with the world and we need to contain
them, cure them, or get rid of them.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Swimming In The Family

Austin son sent Fiorella a picture of himself taking Baby into his wife's family's pool for her first swim, and all I could think of--aside from how sweet my son is and how cute my granddaughter is--was how my mother, who never learned how to swim, was determined that her daughter would learn. Somehow Mom, who didn't drive, got me to lessons at a big, scary auditorium-type pool in Akron, and then, when we moved to Texas, enrolled me for lessons with the local YWCA.

And now, here's Mother's great-granddaughter being introduced to swimming when she is just six months old.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Fiorella is up in arms about what has happened in Charlottesville. The National Guard should be sent in and the whole state put under martial law. What sort of upbringing did these people have? Or were they born with a "hate" gene as part of their make-up? Did they ever stop and think about what they were doing, or were they so simple-minded that they let themselves be swayed by mob mentality?

Our loser-of-the-popular-vote president isn't going to do anything about Charlottesville. In fact, he's probably thanking his lucky stars that it distracted us from the Russian scandal for the moment, but it's all going to come back to bite him. And Fio hopes Charlottesville will get a big hunk taken out of its behind too.