Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Slow, Dreary Day

Fiorella was tired yesterday. Maybe it was the weather, maybe the political scene, maybe she was depressed, maybe all three plus some.

One bright light in her day was that Husband was finally able to get through to stupid Verizon and get the credit card transfer made, but today she herself has to figure out how to convince Facebook, which will not accept her name, that she is legitimate so that she will be able to post pictures again. Please explain again how the digital world is making our lives easier.

Oh--another good thing was that she was able to immerse herself in Sabrina's story and is now up to 60,000 words.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Excerpt from PASSION

“I should be back about five,” she said, stopping in front of the couch, which seemed to have  become Mik’s office. 
Sigrid struck a pose with her hand on her hip.  Let him see what she’d made of herself—she looked damned good and she knew it. The dark wool Michael Kors mini-skirt set off the simple white silk shirt perfectly, and the short, fitted, rust-colored suede jacket from Peter Jensen provided just the right finishing touch. 
Rechecking one of her gold coin earrings to be sure it was secure, she allowed a slight, sneering smile to cross her face.  “Have fun in Elk River.” 
Mik’s eyebrows went up as he checked her out, which should have reassured her, but actually made her a little nervous. He rubbed his chin for a second, then stood up. 
She tensed as he walked around her like Tim Gunn critiquing a fashion design, but she refused to give ground.
That damn eyebrow of his went up. “Hmmm.  Let’s see—the cleavage would give a saint wet dreams, and those suede boots are an open invitation to kinky sex.  Are you—uh--meeting someone special for lunch?”
Sigrid felt her jaw tighten as she strove for self-control.  It was a wonder she hadn’t ground her teeth down to nubbins of their former selves since she’d brought Mik home.
“Don’t start anything, Mik.  We’re not married anymore.  I have a right to have male friends, and this one happens to be an assistant district attorney.” 

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Apparently Kanye West likes anything that is big, dumb, and shiny.
Fio overdosed on chocolate chip cookies yesterday and paid for it all night.
Corruption is the new normal. 
Has everyone forgotten about the children?
Why does Fio's computer refuse to maintain her document corrections?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Akron Aftermath

Fio dove into the deep end and worked out an acrostic with the names of her paternal cousins, then added in their spouses, and is sending a copy to each one of them as a bread-and-butter gift. She's planning on photcopying old family pictures for her cousin on her mother's side.
Fiorella likes the way Daughter interacted with both sides of the family. Needless to say, she related more to the younger generation than  than to Fio's agemates, but that's as it should be. If the families are to stay togther at all in the future, they have to make solid bonds now.
Everyone takes Fiorella's art for granted, but she thinks it's pure magic and has no idea how it  happens. Some sort of weird collusion of her imagination, hands, and eyes, totally unrestrained by her brain. (Collusion--that word pops up everywhere.)
Fiorella will admit it--she made a complete ass of herself in Akron. But then, she's never been one to do things by halves.
 Oops, Fio almost forgot. She promised to send the genealogy research she did on her own thirty years ago to the Keeper of the Family Tree, one of her cousins-in-law. More stuff to track down--good thing Fio is working on the "office," which contains all things your faithful correspondent didn't know where to put for the last century or two.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Fiorella is finally pulling herself together. The let-down from leaving the fun and jollities in Ohio, the desperation of of almost losing a flight in the airport, the frustration of trying to learn the new cell phone, the exhaustion from everything--they had all worn Fio down. Then there was the sinking back into the patterns at home. After taking Husband to his doctor's appointment, then driving down Round Rock on a fool's errand, then getting caught in a long line-up from a wreck down the highway, then making H-E-B $100 richer, Fio came home and collapsed.

But Husband and Doggie are now upstairs asleep, Fiorella has sorted out the last of her travel detritus (even finding her charge cord and plug-in), and her to-do list is sitting beside her on the couch. Tomorrow is another day

Thursday, August 9, 2018


The way Fio sees it, her fire comes from her mother's family, and her steadfastness comes from her father's family.
Fiorella has no control over anything or anyone, and sometimes she even loses control of herself.
Not until this year has Fio realized how many bad people there are in the world. In fact, they seem to be in the majority.
Is there even one woman on TV who is wearing her real hair color?
Leaving, my dear, is not what I do
Instead, my dear, I stick like glue

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Rocks and Trees Take Care of their Own

As you may have gathered, Fiorella has been a little down since she returned home. The travel itself had some unexpected dramas, she was disheartened at how the neighborhood in which she had spent the first seven years of her life had gone downhill, and while her cousins were wonderful, their hearty health made her aware that she, the matriarch, is aging by the moment. Also, the whole trip made her painfully aware that every minute of the day involves electronics now, an area in which Fiorella is totally inept. Without Daughter along, she would have spent the rest of her life sitting in the Akron airport.

By the time she got home, Fio was dog-tired and her self-confidence down the drain. The next day, she did a lot of lying on the couch. She felt like such a loser--a frail old woman who had to be helped at every turn and was of no use to the world. In late afternoon, after eating a giant choclate bar, she decided to go outside and check the plantings dying from the unusually hot, dry summer. As she surveyed the woods around the north side of the house, a sunny glade invited her to come look it over. Keeping her eyes down to avoid the afternoon glare and and drowsing rattlesnakes, she worked her way through the grasping cedars into the small meadow.

Wow--this place was loaded with good rocks!

You know what happened next. Fiorella picked up several good loads of rocks and tossed them up into a yard to use later. Then as she was about to rejoin humanity, she caught sight of a small dead tree that would make good firewood (lena buena) so she pushed and tugged at it until it broke, then hauled her trophy out to the yard to be moved to the woodpile on her next outdoors expedition.

Fiorella is revived! She may not be able to handle the digital demands of an airport, a hotel, or even her new cell phone, but when it comes to the great outdoors, she is queen of the jungle. Gracias, mis piedras y mi lena!