Saturday, December 15, 2018

Ten Days to Go, Then BLAST OFF!

Hooray! After half an hour of hard labor, Fiorella finally got a picture up on the blog.  It's a photo of a cedar in the south meadow that Fio draped with tinsel garlands and hung with gold, silver, and copper-colored candy wrappers in the shape of medallions. What happened to the chocolate, you ask?  😁 What do you think?
Of course, you realize that now that Fiorella's gotten the hang of it, the pictures are going to be more frequent, perhaps nauseatingly so, but the girl can't help it. Remember, art was her first talent. 😉
Fio's hoping to get the outside decorations up by Sunday, which will give her eight days to tackle the inside decor. She knows the drill because it will be mostly as in previous years, but there are always surprises. 😦

Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas in Action

Whenever Fiorella drives in or out, she parks the car for a while to string more tinsel garlands on the trees along the driveway. She'll post a picture once she's gotten the project completed--maybe a video. (WOW, Fio--you're getting electronicized.)
Determined to buy some University of Texas paraphernalia for an old friend as a Christmas present, Fio braved the Drag for the first time since she graduated from UT, lo, these many years ago, and it was weird--the experience, not the gift. Everyone was so damn young.
So far this year, Fiorella doesn't feel very Christmasy. Maybe it's because she's spent far too much time this year dealing with things like lightning striking the hot water system and her ceiling leaking. Or maybe it's all of Husbands' hospitalizations. Or her own various problems. Whatever, she has no choice but to move forward.
That cedar in the south meadow that Fiorella decorated with the coverings of about fifty chocolate medallions didn't turn out as well as she had hoped. Maybe she'll give it another try after she has the garlands up.
The best part of Fiorella's Christmas so far has been that her yardman gave her rock--not just any rock, but weird-looking one that he'd found in a field a couple of years ago and kept for himself because he's as crazy about piedras as Fio is. She felt honored by his gift and humbled by his sacrifice. 💓

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Where Fiorella Lives

  This is a view out our garage of the driveway circling what our yard man calls "El Parke" in the distance. Fio feels blessed to live here. It's like wonderland every day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Countdown

Hooray! It's been almost a week, and Fiorella's CHRISTMAS GREETINGS sign hasn't been stolen, which makes her think better of her neighbors, although it may just mean that whoever stole her campaign signs doesn't have a quarrel with Christmas.
Speaking of the neighborhood, whatever animas Fio might have garnered by posting campaign signs seems to have been disssipated by the Christmas cards she's hand delivered and the tinsel garlands she's hanging across the front of the property. A neighbor has even promised her some homemade cookies.
Speaking of cookies, your Fiorella has scarfed down far too many chocolate bars, cookies, Santa Clauses, and medallions this month. It was inevitable--chocolate addiction runs in her father's side of the family, as she learned at the Ohio reunion earlier this year when each one of her cousins was questioned as to his/her favorite sweet. 
Fiorella hasn't done any decorating inside the house yet, although there are a few bags and boxes piled up in the dining room. Still in the garage are several more bags and boxes, including the Christmas tree, which only Fio knows how to put together. Then there are the swags and displays. And the starcase decorations. OMG--Fio, what have you wrought?!!
Fio would love to post pictures of her holiday endeavors, but the technique still eludes her. She hopes that will change this afternoon when she attends the Georgetown library's Wireless Wednesday, which aids the electronically challenged. Wish her luck.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Wishes

Another Christmas sonnet, this one from 2007, back when Fio was using punctuation in her verses, a practice that is now frowned on by modern poets:

We wish you a Merry Christmas on this day--
May you have love and laughter, music, song;
May joy and happiness be yours, we pray,
And may God bless your comfort all day long.
We wish you ease and peace, a pleasant view--
May your home and family be secure;
May all your friends be loyal, staunch, and true,
Your heart be confident, your footsteps sure.
We wish you well in your endeavors too--
Your talents realized, your time well spent,
Your full and right reward, long overdue,
A just reward for your accomplishhment.
    On Christmas day, we wish these things for you,
     And that your Christnmas last the whole year through.

Looking at the poem again, Fiorella doesn't like the repeat of' "reward" in the 12th line. It would have been better to say "Would justly measure your accomplishment," But she forgives herself. 2007 was not a good year for her.

Monday, December 10, 2018

From Science to Obsolescence

You know how they tell you in physics class that a circle is composed of minute straight lines? Well, Fiorella totally rejected that theory, which is probably why she never went far in the sciences (although she did see the potentials of DNA before it went big.)
The title of any autobiography Fiorella would write would be titled  Born That Way because--well--the girl can't help it.
Fio doesn't believe in "the power of prayer," a phrase which intimates that God is counting the votes.
When the time comes, Fiorella doesn't think her death will matter to anyone beyond friends and family, but she hopes her life will have had a positive impact somewhere along the line.
Electronics have changed the social environment. Thus, stories Fio wrote as little as ten years ago are out of date. Sad.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Card Reveal

Fiorella is in the process of mailing out this year's Christmas card so she's ready to reveal it to you now. It's a Shakespearean sonnet, of course.


Christmas is a holiday of joy
When families gather around a bright-lit tree
To celebrate the Virgin's baby boy
And to enjoy each other's company
Christmas is a holiday of caring
Of tending to the sad, the sick, the poor
Of opening our grateful hearts and sharing
Our bounty with the beggar at the door
Christmas is a holiday of prayer
Of reverie and self-examination
A time to look within, become aware,
To plumb the soul and seek illumination
       A holiday of joy and caring and prayer--
       God's gift of love to mankind everywhere