Tuesday, December 10, 2019

From Donella to Downsizing

Fio loves su donella. Like everyone who has a maid, Fiorella runs around the house like a mad woman before her hired help arrives, cleaning up obvious messes and putting everything in shape as much as she can, but her donella is the one who not only makes everything sparkle, but helps Fio lug in firewood into the house.
Speaking of firewood, Fio is proud to say that because she knows how to start a fire in the fireplace, she hasn't had to turn on the central heat even once, despite the abnormally cold autumn. 
Sad to say, Fio had a GERD attack last night, sweats and all, and it was her own dang fault. She walked into H-E-B with the intention of preparing for Christmas dinner, but walked out with a bag of Pinwheels, then ate most of them on the way home. And she is not repentant.
Did Fiorella hear someone ask her about this year's Christmas sonnet? Well, it's on track so far--it's got a nativity theme, and first two lines and the last two lines have been set in steel since day one, but the in-betweens are still a little sloppy. You can only have so many angels flapping around before the story gets stupid.
Downsizing....Fio knows what the word means, but never thought it would apply to bigger-and-better her. What is going to happen to all her treasures?

Monday, December 9, 2019

Pre-Christmas Decisions

The maid is coming this morning so Fiorella is whipping around the house trying to clean everything up and, at the same time, proceed with her Christmas decorating and production of VOTER REGISTRAR badges. Hmm.... maybe she can also drag la donella into helping her fit the rest of the branches into the thirty-year-old Japanese Christmas tree.
This will be Fiorella's last Christmas in the house, and she's a a little tired, so this year, she'll probably hire her yard man to dress the driveway with ropes of tinsel. Husband's death has left Fio with more holiday preps than she can handle on her own.
One thing Fiorella is sure of is that there will be no paper plates or napkins at the family dinner. This one last time, your girl prefers to stick with the traditional Haviland china, Sir Christopher silverware, and cloth napkins. Come the New Year, of course, she might decide to sell it all--her bank account could do with a little extra cash.
And, throughout it all, Fio has been dashing into the kitchen to manufacture more buttons and badges, then out to the woodpile in the driveway to pick up firewood for the cold weather predicted for the end of the week. HOW THE HECK IS SHE NOT LOSING WEIGHT?
Nothing like waking in the middle of the night to ponder what is going on in one's life, and Fiorella's is like a country-western song. Several songs, in fact, and you can bet she's jotting down notes.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

No Title

For the first time since my husband's death in January, I miss him. Up till now, my subconscious has never let me accept that I am alone, telling me instead that he in another room, or upstairs, or in another hospital or rehab facility. But tonight, I know that Husband will never again come into the den and sit beside me to talk about the day. I am alone.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas Season Minutia

If there's one thing your technology-challenged friend has learned, it's that there's always a back door that she can open up--or escape through.
Speaking of technology, Fiorella found herself picking up the TV remote yesterday, and, mistaking it it for a phone, she panicked when she couldn't remember how to dial somebody on it. Face it--there are just too dang many black plastic gadgets with numbers on them lying around the house.
Fio's on a winning streak--she found a water-proof red paint that she can use for her CHRISTMAS GREETINGS sign, was moved to the head of the line in the post office by  the people in front of her when they learned she was just buying Christmas stamps, was complimented on her car by a young woman who'd never seen a Miata before, came up with a brainstorm idea for the first verse of her yearly Christmas sonnet, gave out four DUMP TRUMP buttons along the way, then came home and ate three chocolate rounds. BURRRRRP.
How weird--our "autumn" was cold, cold, cold, and our "winter" season has been quite warm. Fio was wearing a heavy jacket this time last month, and now the heaviest thing she's wearing is a long-sleeved shirt.
Fiorella has self-diagnosed herself with tinnitus, which is when one hears music that isn't there, but it's not bothering her because the songs change with the seasons. Right now, she's hearing distant Christmas carols...all is calm, all is bright....

Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Musical

In keeping with the season, Fiorella is going to treat you to the lyrics of some songs she wrote for her characters to sing in her second published book. The heroine, a former child actress has come to Bosque Bend, Texas, to direct a Christmas-themed musical, Gift of the Magi,  but with a happy ending, like Fiorella always thought O'Henry's short story should have had.

 Della's song:
     If I sing enough, if I pray enough
     If I am very, very good
     Maybe everything will turn out
     As I hope it will, as it should
     As it should....

Jim's song:
     If I were as rich as Rockefeller, John D,
     Whenever I walked down the street
     The gents would tip their hats at me
     And I'd give dimes to all in need

     If I were rich, I'd buy Della those hats
     And beatifyl dressed for her to wear
     And neautiful shoes with stylish spats
     And beautiful combs for her beautiful hair 

     York New York evening, New York night,
     Everyone is snuggled up tight
     Asleep in their beds, asleep in their dreams
     Where nothing is really what it seems
     And problems are solved by love and a song--
     Everything is right, nothing is wrong

Where nothing is wrong, everything's right
And try as you might,
Try as you may,
You won't find anythig
Wrong to say
About this wonderful New york night
Everything will be right tonight

You won't find anything
Wrong to say
About the wonderful  New York nigh
Everything will be right tonight

Love triumphant wins the day
Now we are happy, happy and gay
Happy New Year
Be of good cheer
Times may be tough
Times may be rough
But there's always a way, always a way
Always a way if you love enough
Be of good cheer
Happy New Year
Love triumphant wins the day

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Mixing Chocolate with Politics

It's chocolate season, and Fio has already packed on three extra pounds. Carnation Chocolate Fudge should be declared illegal, but then Your Girl would find a way to buy it on the black market.
Fiorella had a ten-minute scare yesterday in late afternoon--the electricity went out. Immediately assuming her technological incompetence was to blame, she ran around the house like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off, trying to figure what her adventures in decorating might have knocked loose. Then, just as she was preparing to run over to the neighbors' house to see if their electricity was out too, everything lit up again. Scary--Fio never realized how dependent she was on Thomas Edison.
Sonia is out in the back yard barking again, probably at a deer (uno cierco) seeking his lady love--it's that time of year. And yes, Fiorella is telling you this so she can use her new Spanish vocabulary word.
Speaking of words, if only Fiorella knew a magic word that would decorate the house exactly the way she wants it to be without her having to raise a finger--or balance on one foot on the kitchen stool as she reaches up to the top of the window to hang a Christmas wreath.
Fio had a wonderful visit with long-time friend Paula at a Starbucks yesterday, and while they were there, a young woman commented on the two DUMP TRUMP buttons that were, as usual, pinned on Fiorella's bosom. Recognizing her cue, Fio said, "I make them," unpinned a button, and held it out to the woman. "Do you want one?"
     As soon as the woman had the button in her hand, Fio pulled three more buttons out of her purse and asked her if she would like more, perhaps for friends. The woman grabbed all three of them.
     Yes, Fiorella is trying to do her part, and she hopes her mother, who was born on this day 100 years ago, would be proud of heršŸ§”.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time--As Usual

Stress is Fio's middle name at this time of year. Now that she's moved the 34 bags and boxes of decorations into the house, she has to put their contents in place, which means scotch tape and ladders at  this point and,  all too soon,  wrestling with the twenty-year-old Japanese Christmas tree. She can handle all these things herself, but draping the lights on the tree will require the help of someone about a foot taller than she is.
     Yours truly has decorated the same way for the last several years (with added embellishments each go-round, of course), but, maybe because it's her last year in this house, she's switching things around some, making her decorations simpler and...well...more avant garde. Thus, instead of her usual double-wreathed front door, guests will see a Christmastime version of her Halloween door--with red and green snowflakes and a big red bell instead of bats and pumpkins. And her front windows aren't going to be as heavily wreathed as usual because Fio is Scotch-taping stockings and snowflakes onto them.
     The outside of the house will not get  as much attention as it received last year, when Fiorella created an extravaganza of tinsel ropes down both sides of the south driveway and Husband put up about twenty strands of lights, and Fio doubts that she'll have the time--or the energy--to decorate the tree  in the meadow.
     To top it off, in between times, Fio is working on a sonnet for her holiday card and she's still producing VOTER REGISTRAR badges and DUMP TRUMP buttons.
     Maybe this wasn't the best time of year to try to start working on Lolly's story again.