Friday, January 17, 2020

From Deep Thinking to Dog Training

Fiorella confesses that as much as she craves recognition, she wants it to be from a distance. For some reason, close-up recognition makes her nervous and she says dumb things. A pseudonym would fit the bill, although "Fiorella Plum" has never hit the big time.
Fio wakes up in the morning, notifies the kids she is still alive, gets dressed, brings in the newspaper and leafs through it, feeds herself and the dog, lights a fire, checks out email, blog, and Facebook, then starts in on the thousand-and-one tasks she's assigned herself for the day, knowing there will be even more tomorrow.  Sometimes Fio gets tired of the day after day after day.
With a well-tended fireplace and a dog who eats anything, Fiorella doesn't put much out on the road for the trash pick-up anymore. No wonder the guys didn't complain about the Christmas tree special.
Thursday was the day that Fiorella decided to test the harness with which Elder son and wife had kindly supplied her that would, in theory, keep Sonia out of the front seat of the car.
     Doggie, who loves rides, leaped into the only back door to the Queen Mary that was open, and Fio quickly hooked up the right lead to the underside of the harness, then discovered that the left lead was secure under Sonia's walrus-like bottom. Whipping around to the other side of the car, Fiorella pulled the missing lead out from under Doggie's ampleness, snapped it in place, closed the door, and started up the driveway.
     As Fio moved onto the road, Sonia decided she wanted to come up front for a better view, and actually got her face and paws between the sides of the front seats. Fortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get through the breach, although the scrabbling drove Fio crazy.
      When they reached Dairy Queen, Sonia seemed quite satisfied to finish off her Pup Cup in the back seat and behaved herself all the way home--sort of--but all's well that ends without Doggie in the front seat.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

From Scales to Tales

How can the doctor's scales say Fio weighs (number redacted) when she went through what was surely ten pounds of Kleenexes last week?
Wish Fiorella well. Today's the day she and Sonia Dog will make their maiden voyage over to Dairy Queen with Doggie dressed to the nines in her new red harness. We HOPE it will keep both her and Mommy safe, but if there's any indication to the contrary, Fio will make a v-e-r-y s-l-o-w turn and return home.
A new baby in the family! At long last, friend Evelyn's physician daughter is pregnant.  Ladies, it's never too late nowadays 🧡🧡🧡!
Fio had a long two hours to fill yesterday between her Austin meetings with Friend Evelyn and Friend Kaye so she took a big, heavy, three-ring notebook with her, hoping to review that story she wants to finish up, but it was hard to concentrate in Central Market with the ravens flying in and out around the tables--though the ravens did give her ideas she might add into another story.
Fiorella and her neurologist had a great time exchanging stories yesterday, and he didn't have any problem with her not being able to find her Humana card. But then, he's been shooting her up with botox for at least fifteen years so he knows she's legit.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Protest Poems

Why was it cold in Starbucks today?
Because their heater is on the blink?
A broken pipe? A wrong connection?
Or because they're pushing a new hot drink?
Yes, Fio's angry,
Angry and mad--
For the plight of The Children
Is worse than bad
When did being a child
Become a federal crime
For which one has to serve
Endless jail time?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Burglary Heartbreak

Did Fiorella ever tell you about the time her parents were burgled? It happened when Brother and Fio had left home, which meant Mom and Dad didn't have a back-up crew.
    Mother, who had horrible leg cramps, had started sleeping on the couch in the front room so Dad could get some rest without her kicking him. The arrangement worked just fine until the night she was awakened by somebody busting into the house Front door, raised window--Fio doesn't remember the details, but she does know that Mom, in her nightgown, ran down the street to the house of some reliable (i.e., young) neighbors for help. In the meantime, the burglar made it to the master bedroom and rifled through Dad's chest of drawers as he battled Dad, who kept yelling, "Where is Eileen? What did you do with Eileen?"
     The burglar knocked him to the floor and made off with a lodge ring that his Uncle Jake had bequeathed to him. The ring meant a lot to Dad, not because of the lodge affiliation--he had none--but because it was willed to him by his beloved uncle.
     The neighbors called the police, then escorted Mother home.
     Fio assumes that, the next morning, in the bright light of day, her parents reevaluated their security arrangements. Maybe screens latched with hooks weren't the best protection.
     About the ring: Fio wanted her father to follow the cops' advice and call the local pawn brokers to see if any of them had it, but Dad said said it would be useless. Fio now thinks he meant meaningless, that Uncle Jake's ring would never be the same again.

Monday, January 13, 2020

From Battles to Kindnesses

Someone Fio used to know posted one of those horrible hate memes your girl dislikes so she answered it with the truth. Immediately, her former friend's family, in a blast of misspelled oratory, called Fio every name in the book. Keeping her cool, Fio politely and without rancor, explained her stance further--and was attacked again. The situation went back and forth a couple of times, until Fio's antagonists finally ran out of vitriol. Poor things--they didn't know they were up against someone hardened by two years in high school debate.
Simplification and thriftiness are the name of Fiorella's game right now. She uses the same plate, knife, and fork every day for her noonday meal and rinses them in the sink instead of the dishwasher, and, to warm the house , she relies on home-grown firewood and old newspapers.
Nephew Barrett and his wife were kind enough to give Fio help during the early afternoon yesterday by loading the old, broken-down one hundred-plus yearnfamily sofa into their pick-up and taking it home to repair and sell, which is one of their sidelines. While they were at the house, they also helped Fio with the garage and the six-foot-tall file cabinet, but the best part of their visit was sitting around and visiting with them. 🧡🧡🧡

Fio spent most of the evening shredding a drawers full of files relating to Husband's employment. Her heart warmed at the commendations he received through the years from his supervisor and the people he had helped, but there were too many of them to save.
Elder son and wife kindly sent Fio a harness for Sonia Dog to wear in the car, and Barrett and his wife kindly put it round Sonia because yours truly is not that good at working without written directions. 🧡🧡

Sunday, January 12, 2020

From the Garage to Roses

Fio does not like having to be a one-person clean-up crew because there's no one there to tell her what a great job she is doing--and no one there to catch her if she falls. Yes, she was out in the garage again, this time trying to organize all the Christmas paraphernalia she carted out there last week.
 Most of the garage is a guy sort of thing. Fiorella knows how to operate a chain-saw, but the rest of the other periphanalia is a mystery to her, which means she doesn't know whether to keep it, sell it, or toss it. She's always been inclined to keep slats of wood, of course, but now that she's planning to depart the residence, they too will go. Her neighbors will have a field day.
Confession time. Fio dropped in at Target yesterday to pick up a couple more libretas amarilla, then wandered over to the children's department and bought a few more  cute outfits for her granddaughter. Remember, Baby is her only grandchild, and Fio's waited a long time for her.
You'll be glad to hear that Fiorella seems to be recovering from whatever she had that laid her low. It hit again Friday evening, but by noon, she was in good shape, and now she feels normal, whatever that is.
May God bless Fiorella's donella. She was here for four hours and the floors and carpets are clean, the kitchen shines, everything that was out of place has been put back in place, and the house smells like roses 🧡🧡🧡

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Daily Report

Cedar season has its good points. Those three pounds Fio has lost are probably from blowing her nose. And those fires in the fireplace that are blazing  extraordinarily well--they're probably the result of the two boxes of dirty Kleenexes she tossed into the cavern.
Never underestimate the power of chocolate. Fio has been feeding it to the trash men on holidays for fifteen years, and today they made off with her twelve-foot spread of the family Christmas tree. The pick-up was both terribly depressing and yet a relief for Fiorella--it represented the end of an era in her life, but the cut was clean.
Fiorella skimmed through one of her favorite old romances in the afternoon, partially to get her mind off her depression, and realized--again--that formulas and how-to advice are meaningless. TELLING A GOOD STORY is what counts! (Thank you, Linda Howard.)
Fio always puts her own heroes and heroines through hell before they reach their happily-every-after, but  in her own life, the hell came after marriage, mostly because she was a wife for a lot longer than she wasn't, but also because Husband could be difficult from time to time. Widowhood hasn't been that great either.
Some people listen to neither God nor Man, but only to the evil that dwells in their own hearts.