Sunday, June 17, 2018


Please don't be mean to me--
I don't know how to be
A proper enemy

Bewildered by your display,
In my naivete
I won't know what to say

Or do
For you

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lesson Learning

Fio found them, her yellow lists! And all it took was three hours of searching the same suspect locations again and again. Turns out they were hidden on the floorboard of the passenger seat of Husband's car, behind a couple of car care books. Do not ask Fio how they got there while she was eating her DQ dipped cone, but they did.

Now to figure out what Fiorella was supposed to learn from this episode. "Try, try again," of course, and "Seek and ye shall find"are in the running, but for Fiorella, the real take-away was how she felt--disheartened and empty, like the world had gone cold and drab on her. Now that's something she can use in a book!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Yellow Mourning

Fiorella is devastated. She's lost her yellow tablet, the one she lists her plans for the day on. Actually, there are three tablets missing, all bound together with a rubber band. One of them has lists of Spanish words on it, and she scribbled down lists of ideas for her books and blogs on the other one. And yes, Fio has retraced her steps in the house and yard and called the restaurant where she and Husband had dinner. Tomorrow, she'll call Chase bank and the post office, both of which she blessed with her presence. yesterday. Meanwhile, she'll have to start another yellow list.

Fio is sad.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fiorella, Blow by Blow

Fiorella had a great morning yesterday. She drove from her driveway in the boondocks of Georgetown to busy North Austin without encountering a single red light until she hit Koenig Lane, which was only a brief pause. Then, when she was pulling into Starbucks to meet up with friend Evelyn, another car obliginging backed out of a primo parking spot which Fio quickly claimed.

Inside the store, Fio and Evelyn had an even better time than usual, and a guy who knew Evelyn stopped at their table to talk about the basketball program he runs for disadvantaged kids. Fio was uolifted and her eyes went damp. After the Singapore surrender, she needed to hear from someone who was doing his best to make the world a better place.

Next, Fiorella met with her brother and friend Paula at Dan's Hamburgers, and it was a merry threesome. Turns out that Brother and his wife are thinking of attending the family reunion in Ohio that Fio and Daughter have already committed to.

Fio's ride back to Georgetown was uneventful, thank goodness, because Fio hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and was about to conk out, which is exactly what she did when she got home.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Electronics Can Be Evil!

Fiorella is angry. Fiorella is mad
Because Isadora is acting bad
Or maybe it's not the computer at all
But Windows 10, it's natal install
Whatever the problem, it better go
Beacuse your Fio's about to BLOW!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Smart Man!

It's supposedly just come out that Kim Jong Un speaks--or at least understands--English, but Fiorella wants to remind you that she posted that infomation either here or on FB a while back. How did she know? Because years ago, she'd read that he was schooled in Switzerland under an assumed name, and she knew a European education meant that he'd picked up a couple of languages there, including English because that's the world's power language. Or at least it was.
Fio knows Trump wants the conference to be guy-to-guy, apparently with no one else in the room, but she doubts that's a-gonna happen. KJU will want his killer squad around to keep him safe,which means that Trump will have to come equipped with his own squad.
When you get right down to it. KJU is the winner. Trump has elevated him from being a world pariah to being someone who has munipulated "the leader of the free world" into giving him equal standing. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

How It All Begins

Fiorella is working with friend Patricia on a murder mystery, probably a five-book series, and here's a selection from it:

The corpse, an awkward lump zipped into a white body bag, was wheeled out of the building under the gawking eyes of the students sitting at table in the study area outside the lab.

Rex Mackenzie identified with both their horror and their curiosity. Once he had been like that, a kid fascinated by the unelievability of death. And now he saw too much of it because that's what homicide invetsigators did--check out death scenes. Not all the time, of course. With XXX years on the force, he had plenty of assaults, thefts, and rapes under his belt too, but murder was his specialty. It didn't horrify him as much as it used to, but he still didn't understand the deliberate taking of another person's life. And never would.