Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not Fio's Day

Fiorella thought she had her day all laid out, but it went to pieces on her once she got to Austin. Her doctor's parking garage was dark as a dungeon, and it was hard to find a space for her Miata what with all the ocean liners squatting in the spaces marked compact. She was finally able to shoehorn herself into a narrow space between two SUVs, but then came the voyage to the medical building while toting a tote weighed down with her computadora, her bolsa, her celular, and her lista amarilla. She rode up to the third floor and trudged down the hall to the doctor's office, slung her tote on the counter and announced herself to the nurse.

Shock. Her appointment was until the afternoon. How had Fio messed up this appt for the second time arround. Are they gaslighting her?  No, Fio. Face it. You wrote down the the wrong date in su calendario.

Nothing to do but set up an appt for next week, reshoulder her tote and stagger back to the parking garage. Getting out was a lot easier than getting in. But what could she do with her time? She had to be back in Gtown for an INR appt at 1:00, but she didn't want to be half an hour early and sit  in the cardiologist's office twiddling her thumbs. Nothing to do but find a Starbucks in Austin and write a little. Of course, she had to purchase something to rent a table, though. No problem--she loves Starbucks' chocolate chip cookies. The day was saved!

Except that Starbucks was out of chocolate chip cookies. All she could do was indulge herself in a cup of milk.

Some days, you just can't win for losing.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump Opera

I've been thinking about my Trump tragi-comedy opera. It should start on election day, I think, and Donald should be pacing and singing about the campaign and how wonderful he is, and all the nasty things he's going to say when Hillary wins. ("When Hillary Cheats Her Way Into the White House") Of course, he pauses from time to time to post venomous tweets. (Note to self--use actual tweets---which rhymes with "cheats" and "beats") The results start coming in, but he refuses to watch them, singing about what a winner he is. "I'm winning if I say I am!" When he finally faces the board and sees that he's won, He turns to the audience with shock on his face and says. "What do I do now?"

Fast forward to Inauguration Day, the poor turn-out, and his insistence of the opposite. ("Opposite" aria?) The Women's March, the protests, etc. Arrogance grows, more and more in la-la land. Staff comes and goes. Russians, (Russian chorus?).  Melania floats in and out, a mystery figure. The Trump family is a constant chorus. Maybe the White House (Mar-a-Lago?) is stormed. Not a pretty ending.

And that is as far as Fio's gottten. Is Rossini still available?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Birthday Girls

 Because Fio's birthday was last week and Daughter's birthday is next week, they combined their celebrations and met at Central Market in Austin. That way, Fio didn't have to drive too far from Georgetown and Son and his family didn't have to drive too far from their home near Bastrop. The party lasted about two hours, so it's safe to say that a good time was had by all, but Fio was especially thrilled that, when she got to hold Baby, Barbara made a grab for Fio's nose, sucked on Fio's finger, and pulled an earring out of Fio's earlobe.

A special treat was that Daughter stayed at the table for a while after Son and family left, and she and Fio had a searching talk. Fio is still glowing with pride about the thoughtful, straight-seeing, compassionate young woman that Daughter has become.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Who Is Fiorella?

Who is Fiorella, that all her swains commend her? 

Well, Fio isn't too sure about the swains, but she is all too eager to tell you who she is because, first of all, she's analytical, which means she's always trying to figure herself out--and everyone else.

Second, she's as creative as they come, not just as a writer and an artist, but also when it comes to problem-solving. If you ever want a wacko solution, check in with Fio.

Third, her goal as a college student was to learn every language in the world, and it still is.

Fourth, she's dramatic--the world is her stage.

Fifth, she has an easily-ignited irreverent sense of humor, as you may have already figured out.

Sixth, she's high energy and always wants to be DOING something. Not things like whacking a tennis ball back and forth, which she considers to be a waste of time (precious time, of whch there is so little), but projects which would make her world, her family's world, and everyone's world a better place.

Seventh she has always attracted a following and is intensely loyal to her friends, but loves everyone, even the people she dislikes.

Eighth, she is always praying God for help and sending up paeans of gratitude, but she also talks to animals, rocks, her car, and all other beings because everything has a soul.

Ninth, sometimes her life falls apart and she collapses like a deflated balloon, but so far, she's always fought through and survived.

Fio's sense of balance tells her there should be another characteristic that will bring the list up to an even ten, but she's run out of steam. See you tomorrow!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Telenovela Foresight

No! Fiorella's telenovela was pre-empted by a copa oro soccer match last night, and she's still fuming. La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo is not her favorite Spanish-language soap opera (she liked El Color de la Pasion better), but Wednesday night left Estela in a very precarious position, and Fio wanted to see how it turned out. She's sure the judge will find Estela "not guilty" of everything that chief villain John B. Green is accusing her of, but who knows--there are always loopholes and complications.

The big surprise to Fio, who started watching the show after it had already been on a couple of months, is that Paloma. Estela's little girl, is not really hers, but a baby she rescued from John B four years ago.  Fio's a bit hazy on the details, but apparently Greene was involved with a prostitution ring.

Fio thought the La Doble Vida was about ready to wrap up, then read that it had gotten a contract for a second installment  in 2018. Guess Fiorella knows what she's going to be doing from 8:00-9:00 p.m.for a while yet

Thursday, July 20, 2017


7-19: Fiorella has given up on the house--it will be what it will be. But she hasn't given up on herself. Instead, she's doubled down on her own life and what is important to her--writing, languages, art, family.

7-20: Fiorella woke up bursting with joy. Maybe it was that she slept soundly, without disturbing dreams, and apparently in such good posture that she could mmediately leap to her feet without her back hurting. Maybe it was that she ate the right things yesterday (chocolate chip cookes,  hamburger, chocolate ice cream?) or that her book is moving, really moving, again. Maybe it's that the irritating webs cleared from her brain ("Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire" were her first thoughts of the morning.) Maybe it's that she had a long, rambling phone conversation with Daughter yesterday, or that she attended church with friend Sharon, then had a two-hour visit with her. Maybe it was because her telenovela is resolving or because of the Russian flavor of the stupid Colbert show. Or maybe it's an intimation of something wonderful about to happen. On the personal scene, will all Fio's personal problems be resolved? On the national scene, will Trump be trumped?

Whatever, Fiorella cannot stop grinnng. She feels cleansed, powerful, and ready for action. God's in his heaven, and all's right with the world.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Fio lives in a house overflowing with wires and cords. Everything is connected to something, and then there are all the loose cords, like the ones that have found a snarled home beside husband's recliner, the ones under his desk, the ones in the several snarls of cords in the garage, and the many hoses outside that twine around each other like a family of boa constrictors and trip Fio when she goes out to water the yard. Wireless electronics cannot come soon enough for Fiorella, but the hoses will be always around...and around...and around.