Saturday, April 21, 2018


It's not that I am lazy
But inaction drives me crazy
Especially if I'm the one
Who can't get anything done

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sigh of Relief

Fiorella, reporting in. I like my new laptop, even though I haven't figured it all out yet. The keys are are more seperate than in my old one, and they are slightly scallaped on top, which means my fingers are less apt to slide onto the ones next door. Also, the surface is smooth, which means my wrists and outer palms won't get chafed as much. Also, the bottom buttons for procedures like copying and posting are clearly dileneated, which means I don't have to use acrylic paint to mark them off of a long, double and triple duty bar.

There are some downsides. The machine is a little heavier. I don't have a problem carrying it, but because it is a little thicker and I do not have a big hand, I have use two hands to pull the newbie up off the floor. Also, the power cord plugs in at a different place, which sorta throws me, and I now must us a three-step process to open the computer up and close it down. (And I thought computers were supposed to simplify our lives.)

But all in all, things are working out. In fact, I'm feeling so good about having a computer on my lap again that I'm planning to swing into action on the book again this afternoon. Wanna join me?

Thursday, April 19, 2018


At last, at last, I'm in!
Let the fun begin!
My new computer threw a fit
And wouldn't let me enter it
She held me at bay
Most of the day
But now at last I'm in
So let the fun begin!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Correction--the name of the Rabbi was David Small.

Adios, Mi Dulce Dora

Hold my hand and say soothing things to me because this is the last blog I will write on Dora, mi Computadora. She has an incurable problem with her mother--er, motherboard--so tomorrow she goes in to Click Computer Repair to have her brain scraped out and stuffed into a shiny new laptop, much as will probably happen to all of us in this era of face replacements and cloning.

I've been told that Isadora (my tentative name for my new confidante) will have Windows 10 rather than Dora's Windows 8.1, which sort of scares me. I had a horrible time adjusting from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, which was forced on me by the ever-dominant Microsoft, and I doubt if the changeover will be any easier this time. Your Fio is a free spirit, and she doesn't like to find herself entangled by ever more complicated and exacting rules algorithms. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Five Comments

I am what I am, but what it is I am always comes as a surprise to me.
If you can't be positive, be funny.
I can read and I can write
Look at me--I'm erudite!
Sometimes I think all that men are good for is breeding and heavy lifting.
I hope that somehow my 5'1/2" grandmother knows that her daughter grew to 5'2", her granddaughter uplifted the clan to 5'4", and her great-granddaughter has topped us all at 5'7".

P.S,: The rabbi's name was David SMALL. (I had him mixed up with Father Brown.)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Poor Excuse

Fiorella forgot to write for today. To be more exact, she thought what she'd written yesterday was for today. To be even more exact, Fio is an electronic mess. Well, to be absolutely honest, everything she has tried to do today has bounced back at her and she's ready to SCREAM. The tipping point was when she backed her baby car out of the garage to wash it and the garden hoses leaked--both of them. Then Husband, rushing in to the rescue, lost his footing on the wet flagstones and went down spurting blood. Fio no sooner had him up and swathed in paper towels and bandages than the guys who were scheduled to pick up his riding mower showed up, which mean that Fio had to drive her car back into the garage and postpone Baby Car's bath until she had a working hose and a clear driveway.

When someone makes a movie out of Fiorella's life, it will be a slapstick comedy