Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fiorella's Teeth

Fiorella can remember the tenth grade, when it seemed like everyone in high school was wearing metal bands across their teeth. Everyone but her, that is. Fio was the girl who was so self-conscious about her teeth that she tried never to smile, especially if there was a photographer in range.

She had an overbite, a gap between her two front teeth, and undersized laterals (her father's line), but there was no convincing her parents that she needed braces. Good, healthy teeth were all that mattered.

But when Fiorella married (her bridal picture shows a closed-mouth, solemn-looking young woman), her mother-in-law graciously volunteered to pay for dental work. Four caps and a year of braces later,  Fiorella began to smile again.

Needless to say,, when Daughter developed an under-bite (her great-grandmother on Husband's side), Fio immediately signed her up for orthodontics.

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