Sunday, June 2, 2013

Take That, Mozy!

Life has taught Fio patience, thank goodness, and she needed it yesterday afternoon as she ran off her 2012 blog entries, five pages at a time.  Yes, at last she figured out (stumbled upon) how to retrieve her sparkling gems from the bowels of Blogspot (a charming metaphor), but it took more than an hour. Then, because the pages were printed in reverse chronology, she spent another good hour re-ordering them, during which the dog kept getting in her face and complaining about not being fed.  Next will come punching holes in the pages and sticking them in a loose-leaf notebook, but that will have to wait until Monday.

Why is Fio torturing herself, you ask. Because she needs hard copies so she can put together booklets like the one she composed in memory of Wendy Dog.  Besides, she doesn't trust the Cloud.

After all, Mozy won't even let her sign up.

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