Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleeping Triple in a Double Bed

Fiorella had a wonderful, slow awakening this morning, thanks to Sonia Dog's cast-iron bladder.

Doggie whimpered  at 6:11--yes, Fiorella has a luminous-faced clock at her bedside--which meant  she wanted out of her boudoir, the giant wire crate in which she sleeps.  Fio sat up enough to reach over and unlock the crate, then closed her eyes again.  It was even odds whether Sonia would insist on going outside or would would leap up on the bed and snuggle down at the bottom of it.

Sonia chose Door B.  While Fio drowsed, Doggie settled comfortably between Fio and Husband's feet.  Thus Fiorella had a full hour more in bed before she finally got up, brushed her teeth, and came downstairs to record this epistle--all courtesy of Sonia's bladder control, for which Fio thanks her.