Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't Shoot Dogs!

What's with the cops showing up at mistaken addresses and ending up shooting people's dogs?  It's happened way too often in this neck of the woods.  Last year in Austin an officer went to a wrong address for a disturbance call and shot a beloved dog just as his owner came on the scene.  The same thing happened just this week in Leander, except it was a warrant server this time.  Again the address was wrong and the name on the warrant was wrong, but, despite children playing within thirty feet of him, the officer shot at two dogs as they came bounding around the side of the house to greet him, wounding one of them.

The downed dog will need expensive medical care, and the dog owner is raising bloody murder because those two dogs are good dogs, trained therapy dogs, and the one the warrant office winged is particularly good with children.

Fiorella hates to think about what might happen if a gun-toting "peace" officer came to her door on some mistaken mission.  Sweet Sonia would go nuts--first of all, because she'd want to meet him, and second, because, if Fio were threatened, she'd go all defensive. 

Don't kill a dog for being a dog.

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