Monday, June 10, 2013

Canine Factoids

Dogs are really good at catnaps.  In Fio's experience, a dog falls asleep in a second and awakens in half a second, ready to go.  In contrast, Fiorella takes her time doing both.  She'd rather fall asleep faster, but, as you know, values her long, slow awakenings.

And even though dogs spend most of their lives sleeping, they're rippling with muscles and loaded with stamina.  Fio wishes she could run full tilt up the driveway as fast as couch potato Sonia can.  (On the other hand, Fio is not interested in chasing cars--she already has one.)

And a dog, even a very large one, can fit itself into whatever space is left open on the couch or in the bed. It's important to Sonia to be close to Mommy and Daddy.  And that's the sweetest factoid of all about dogs.  

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