Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh, Deer!

Grab the Neosporin--Fiorella had an adventure.

She was walking around the driveway, accompanied, as always, by the faithful Sonia. Fio is proud to say that Doggie has become inured to the sounds of riding mowers and neighborhood construction, and even tolerates passing cars and the yammering of next-door dogs.  In fact, Fiorella was promising Sonia a second lap around the driveway when a spotted fawn leaped up beside them and rocketed away.

Sonia was on it in a flash, jerking the leash around Fiorella's wrist so strongly and suddenly that all Fio had time to do as she slammed down into the grass off the driveway was think "uh-oh."  Luckily she fell on her left hip, not the replacement one, but she did have to lie on the ground. breathing hard, for a few minutes before getting up.  Injuries were slight--a few cuts and abrasions and an angry prickling that made her wonder if she'd landed in an ant bed.

Sonia soon came  bounding back, full of the joy of the chase, looked up at Mommy, and smiled.  Mommy did not smile back, and Sonia did not get her second loop around the driveway.

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