Saturday, June 8, 2013

Invisible Child

Who is Jacob Roloff?  The red-headed stepchild?

Fiorella was cruising the channels the other night and watched a Little People, Big World catch-up special long enough to hear that Matt and Amy are at loose ends because "all the kids are gone."  Yes, Jeremy, Zack, and Molly are in college or out in the world--late-developing Zack even has a real live  girlfriend--but JACOB IS STILL AT HOME. Not only is he at home, but he's moping in his room, ALONE.

Jacob always has been odd-man-out.  He's neither a twin nor a dwarf nor a girl, but the classic fourth child, the tag-along, trouble-making little brother doing anything he can to get attention. Now that he's alone in the house with his parents, Matt and Amy have a wonderful last opportunity to make meaningful contact with their son, to let him know how much they love and cherish him. Instead, they're mourning the three kids who have flown the nest--and still brangling with each other.

Fio thought long and hard about publishing this blog because, if  Jacob does not realize his situation, it is cruel to tell him in such a public way.  But, actually, Fiorella thinks he does knows it--why else is he upstairs alone in his room?  The people who haven't caught on are Matt and Amy.  Not that any of the three will read Fiorella anyway.

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