Thursday, June 13, 2013

Call the TV Crew!

Fiorella is a connoisseur of driveway stones. It's a born-in trait. When she was a little girl in Waco, she searched out the glossy little red and yellow and black and brown pebbles in the driveway, much to her mother's despair.  Since moving out to the boondocks, she's been enamored of flint, but seven years of prospecting the driveway have pretty much dried up that supply.

Her latest mania is sparkling rocks, which Husband says are probably calcium carbonate. She has a collection of them on the window sill over the kitchen sink and a plastic shoebox of them outside on the back porch, where she also stores her flint collection, and every day, when Fio takes Sonia out for a walk up the driveway, she fills her pockets with more of the rocks.

OMG, Fio's a hoarder!

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