Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fiorella Factoids

Fiorella has been so influenced by books that the only reason she tried licorice in the fifth grade was because she'd read about it, and she ordered her steak rare in a restaurant when she was in the eleventh grade for the same reason.  She still likes licorice and rare steak.  Um--not together.
Fiorella vividly remembers the pain and humiliation of missing a question on a first grade test late in the semester.  It was her first imperfect score and she thought she'd be drilled out of school because of it.  (She mismatched the circus seals.)
Fiorella is not interested in just looking at stuff--she wants to participate.  She'd rather sing than be sung to, rather write than read, rather interact with people in a foreign country than view their edifices and monuments.  In short, she'd rather do than see.
When Fio is old and her brain has shrunk so much she is institutionalized, please supply her with a baby doll to cuddle when you cannot be there.
Too many ideas, too little time.
No reason to it, no rhythm, no rhyme


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