Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Linguist Can't Help It!

Fiorella, who is obsessed by languages, thought she detected a faint German accent in the speech of the hospital employee who was guiding her to Husband's new room so she tried "Sprechen sie Deutsch?" under her breath, just in care she was wrong.

"Ya!" the woman replied, but before she could rattle off a conversation Fio couldn't handle, Fiorella explained that she had had just ein semester auf Deutsch in college, but that her mother, who's own mother spoke German, had taught her a few words and phrases. 

What Fio didn't tell die gute frau was that the whole time she was trying out her meager German, the rooskii yazik in her kept trying to steal the show. Hmmm...maybe all it will take for Fiorella to revive her languages is to be forced to use them

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