Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Emotional Support

   Fiorella, who likes to understand things, has been mulling over FF's accusation of her not providing enough emotional support. Apparently the charge arises from FF, in a previous meet-up, asking Fio if she is ever afraid. Fio took a second or two to search out context because, of course, there are several layers of fear, then decided the question was in reference to her being alone on the acreage while Husband was in rehab.
   "No," Fio replied. "I've got Sonia Dog and an alarm sysem." But apparently, FF was referring to a deeper fear level and considered Fio's answer to be trite, a way to pass her off.
   Actually, due to an overactive imagination, Fiorella is afraid every second of her life, especially when she is alone, but nevertheless, she forges ahead and even occasionally leads the charge. That's just the way she is. It's not that she faces down her fears, but that she ignores them.

  (Fiorella apologizes to you, her readers, but there will probably be a couple more essays on this weird situation.  It's like working a puzzle.)

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