Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ah, Nature!

Yes, that was Forella stumbling into the house after an hour outside in the ever-warming sun hauling rocks and dragging cut cedar branches out of the forest. She also spotted some dead oaks that would make good firewood and dragged some of their better limbs to the side of the driveway. Why all the physical labor, you ask. Well, first, for excercise and that sometimes Fio likes to be alone in silence. Second, because Fio gets a lift from accomplishing something tangible. Third, because she is frustrated with all the ceremony that goes on with getting a new computer up and running. The latest glitch, aside from the missing key code, is that she can't print anything because the computer lacks the needed printer driver--whatever that means.

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Jan Hudson said...

Your printer driver problem is the same one I wrestled with (and spent a lot of money on unnecessarily). It means that your printer is old, and you need to get updated "drivers" from the maker of your printer. After those are installed, you uninstall the printer from your computer, then reinstall it (after restarting your computer). It should pick up the new drivers and then the printer/computer can interface and work fine. You can get step by step directions on Google. Ask something like: How do I am install new drivers for my ______ printer?
Bless you.