Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hanging Fire

Fiorella has way too many unresolved problemas right now and is banging her head against the wall in anger and frustration. First, there's the ongoing dispute with Chase about the $300+ the bank set her up to take the fall on regarding a home equity loan. Then there's the out-of-state family acreage that Fiorella handles the paperwork for and which she's trying to get freed of an old mineral lease. Then there are the eyeglasses which she ordered on-line about three weeks ago that haven't shown up yet--and when she called Cap I to get the exact date she'd ordered them, its system went down. Then there's the new computer, which has Libre Office on it instead of Microsoft Word, which means Fio is once again delayed in working on her WIP. Then there are the hoses that leaked like sieves when Fiorella tried to wash her car.. And the cyst that has formed on the heel of her foot that she's going to have to have the podiatrist take care of. And that she wrote down the wrong day in su calendario for Son and family's planned visit so she and Husband had the house all dressed up yesterday with nowhere to go.

But, Fio being Fio, she will take up her sword again on Monday and fight the good fight. What else can she do?

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