Monday, April 16, 2018

Poor Excuse

Fiorella forgot to write for today. To be more exact, she thought what she'd written yesterday was for today. To be even more exact, Fio is an electronic mess. Well, to be absolutely honest, everything she has tried to do today has bounced back at her and she's ready to SCREAM. The tipping point was when she backed her baby car out of the garage to wash it and the garden hoses leaked--both of them. Then Husband, rushing in to the rescue, lost his footing on the wet flagstones and went down spurting blood. Fio no sooner had him up and swathed in paper towels and bandages than the guys who were scheduled to pick up his riding mower showed up, which mean that Fio had to drive her car back into the garage and postpone Baby Car's bath until she had a working hose and a clear driveway.

When someone makes a movie out of Fiorella's life, it will be a slapstick comedy

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