Sunday, April 8, 2018

Blast Furnace!

This has been an up and down week for Fiorella, and right now, she's raging. Her computadora is playing games again, pinging off, then correcting itself, then ping, ping, pinging again. Of course, that would have to happen just when Fiorella is trying to devote several hours a day to her book. And, of course, it would have to happen on a weekend. Come Monday, Dora will make another little trip to Dr. Click.

And also come Monday, Fiorella will be calling stupid Chase Bank again, which sent her a very dumb form letter because apparently it is so stupid that it is out of touch with anyone else in the banking industry. Fio does not have time for this nonsense. She has a book to finish off before she forgets what it's all about.

And sometime this coming week, Fio hopes her mail-order eyeglasses, which she has gone through it the seven gates of hell about, will arrive. Bless Son and his wife for guiding her through the process long distance. For the past four months, Fio has been driving with glasses that are no better than none at all. NEVER BUY GLASSES FROM EYEMART EXPRESS!

Of course, Fiorella is seething about the national news too. When will Trump be thrown out on his tail? When will all his cronies and hangers-on be thrown out? WHEN CAN WE HAVE A DECENT GOVERNMENT AGAIN?

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