Friday, April 6, 2018

Counting Blessings

Fiorella is triply blessed. Daughter is researching information for her about the car Fio has decided her latest hero drives, Austin son has been keeping Fio up-to-date on Grandbaby's walking and talking, and Minnesota son helps Fio over the phone with on-line stuff like cell phones and ordering eyeglasses. Come to think about it, Fiorella is surrounded with blessings--her neighbors who bring her rocks for her driveway, the nice man who mows her lawn and cuts down her dead trees, and the woman who cleans her house and teaches her Spanish. Then there are the people at Click Computer, Mazda, the local Chase Bank, and Capitol One. And don't forget Fio's longtime friends, most of whom are writers, and the new friends she's made on Facebook and through this blog.

God is good.

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