Wednesday, April 25, 2018


EEEK! Fio didn't post today. With all thet HASN'T been going on, her brain is addled. To make a long story short, the Microsoft thing didn't show up yesterday and, after checking the mailbox, the tree limbs, the yard, and the front porch several times, Fio went into a dark, dark, place in her soul. She'd messed up ordering glasses on line, and now she'd somehow messed up ordering a system for her computer.

This morning, she woke up feeling down, but did her best to make use of her time by arranging and organizing all of her stray lists and notes, then drove into Austin for a doctor's appointment. Coming home again, she stopped at the mailbox at the head of the drive to pick up the mail, and there, a day late, was her Microsoft package. She was elated for about two hours, then realized she'd have another delay till she could get it transfered into her machine. And now it looks like the house alarm system isn't working right.either.

Why is it always an uphill climb?

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