Monday, May 6, 2013

Three More Sonia Snippets

Our Sonia is a multi-tasker.  Her specialty is keeping track of Mommy by lying on Mommy's feet at the same time she (Sonia, not Mommy) is tearing a rawhide bone to shreds. 
Husband and Fio have been taking Puppy to PetsMart every Sunday for a private class in confidence training.  Apparently her aggression with other dogs and strangers is defensive.  She's protecting herself and us from possible attack by anyone.  Even little children and chihuahuas.
A couple of weeks ago, Sonia swiped a cyan laser printer cartridge and chewed it senseless, dyeing not only her muzzle and maw, and also her legs, feet, and behind.  Yes, our blue-blood belle had a bright blue butt.

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