Saturday, May 11, 2013

Never Falls Far from the Tree

Turns out that Fiorella is half Rusyn, also known as Ruthene.  The Rusyns are a Slavic (what else?) populace native to the Carpathian mountains, but also with settlements in a narrow strip along the Slovakian border, which is where Fio's father's family hails from.

How exotic can you get?  Yet that side of the family is all as staid and steady as they come.

On the other hand, her mother's family is a mixed bag--Polish, German, Swiss, with even some English thrown in.  But in contrast to her staid paternal ancestry, this side of Fio's family is loaded with characters--a supposed gypsy, a mechanical genius or two, a witch, and a concert singer, to name a few.

Now you know why Fiorella is always coming up with yet another clever project, but she's solid as a rock.

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