Saturday, May 18, 2013

Loving Tribute

Fiorella's eyes moistened yesterday morning as she read one of her favorite comic strips, Candorville. It was the last installment of five about Lemont, the main character, being awakened in the middle of the night to accompany  ninety-four- year-old Emmett  Roscoe Bell, Sr., on his train trip to the afterlife.  Bell introduced himself as  a normal, working-class man, not rich or famous, who had served in World War II, driven a bus for forty years, and cherished his church and family.

Fio figured something was up because she noticed Bell's face was drawn portrait quality and that he and Lemont were wearing the same kind of caps, but yesterday's strip blew her out of the water:  Bell was the author's grandfather.

Then she researched Candorville on Google and read Darrin Bell's tribute to his grandfather.

And Fio wept.

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Jan Hudson said...

I checked out the whole sequence and teared up with a big lump in my throat as well.