Friday, May 24, 2013

Fio's Dream

Fiorella had an unnerving dream just before she woke up this morning.  She was in Austin, driving south on North Lamar, one of her favored routes, but the road morphed into a hilly highway in a rural setting, and Fiorella realized she was driving much too fast--over the speed limit and gaining.  She let up on the accelerator, but there were cars in front of her and she assumed she would crash into them.  For some strange reason, she didn't use her brake, but there was no crash, although she did pass through a red light.

Fio forgets where she was going, maybe to UT for a gathering of some sort--a conference?  All she remembers is the crowd.  She couldn't find her car afterwards (a frequent occurrence in her dreams about UT) so she accepted the offer of a nice woman she'd never seen before to give her a ride home.  The traffic was horrific in the area, and the woman couldn't get out of it.  She parked the car and said she was going for help, but after a while, Fiorella realized she wasn't going to return.  A little man approached her, but she was suspicious of him.

Fio has no idea how she got home, but when she did, she discovered $250 was missing from her purse--the woman, the little man, the crowd?  Who knows.

The interesting thing is that Fiorella never panicked, although her heart did beat faster when she was speeding downhill toward the other cars.

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