Monday, May 20, 2013

Dog World

Son brought Bosco Dog over Friday night to spend the weekend with Fio and Husband.  Inkspot's coat was glistening black and he was strutting with pug-nacious self-importance.  But by the time Son picks him up this evening, Sonia will have dusted him up some and cut him down to size.
Sonia's appetite evolved from power cords and window sills to shoes and wood carvings, then on to foot-long rawhide bones, and that's where Fio hopes it will stay for a while.  Doggie demands a new bone every day, and they're rather expensive--but less so than power cords and shoes.
You've never lived till you've come out of Home Depot and walked toward your car, where Husband and Doggie await, Husband in the front seat and Doggie in the back, with her big mastiff face hanging out the window, smiling at you.  If everyone were as nice as dogs, this world would be a better place.

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