Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventure in Framing

A major project is finished, one that's been occupying Fio's dining room table for two months now: framing Son's 8x40 digital painting, "Time Flies."  The picture is set in Georgetown and features the stone archway to Wolf Ranch (the actual former ranch, not the shopping center), but most of the trees at the other end of the painting were drawn from those on our acreage.  The blowing leaves in the center, however, came from his imagination. The result is strangely moving, and we have the first print of a limited edition of twenty.

But--how to frame an artwork forty inches long and just eight inches high?  That's where the ever-fertile brain of Fiorella enters the--uh--picture.  Fio, who financed printing the art piece, didn't want to also drop $200-$300 on the framing, and she needed the frame to be light enough to be hung easily.  So she backed the picture with black foamboard, then attaching a specially-cut mat to the front to hold the art in place, then used a hot-glue gun to attach the four pieces of the stained pine frame which she had cut on the mitering machine. Small screws were drilled into a horizontal slat of pine glued to the back of the foamboard, picture was wire attached, and--voila!

Of course, Fio's leaving out the thirty dollars worth of molding that didn't work.  And the three other fixatives she tried to use before husband thought of the glue gun.   And the blood, sweat, and tears.   But now, she'll admit, she's eyeing a second of Son's paintings, also with odd measurements, though not as extreme.

It should be a snap.

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