Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Olive Oil, Sonia Dog, Kinkaid House

Ah, the joys of olive oil.  Husband uses it when he cooks and Fio sprays it on her nails.
Fio left her laptop open on the couch yesterday, and when she returned to it, she found Sonia, sound asleep,  her big mastiff head resting across the keyboard.  Fio would have gotten a snapshot of the scene if only she knew how to work her cellphone camera.  Remember, Fio is a Luddite.
The divine Liza, Fiorella's literary agent, sent Fio a nice email yesterday to catch her up on what was happening with Kinkaid House, which is making the rounds of the publishing houses.  No one's grabbed it, but no new turn-downs since Ballantine a couple of months ago. That leaves some biggies and a couple of smallies to go.  Wish Fio well.

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