Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fiorella's World

As usual, Fiorella has several special projects going: Princess Redlander, a family business deal, the custom frame for Son's 40"x8" digital painting, Spanish, Mandarin, the planting beds, diet, exercise,  dog training.  Coming up fast on the inside are cleaning out the attic and the garage. How does Fio manage?  Focus and follow-through, prioritizing, and by easy stages. She's now one-third through the first draft of Princess Red (her prime priority), is in a wait-and-watch phase with the business deal, will be hanging son's painting this weekend, puts in a little time daily on each language (plus some review Russian), tends to the planting beds on evenings when the weather or her stamina permit, figures out her meals the day beforehand, and walks the dog up the driveway  to get the mail every afternoon, for  Sonia's sake as well as her own.

And, of course, every morning, she publishes an original Fiorella blog.  Fio is nothing if not steadfast.

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