Friday, May 17, 2013

Lady Cyclops Confesses

Fiorella had a panic attack yesterday while she was driving in South Austin, trying to find Ben White Boulevard.  She turned off South Lamar an exit too soon, attempted to move over, and ended up God only knows where several miles down the road.  Being Fio, she was still game for another try, but got caught in a forced right turn.  She even stopped at a Capital One drive-thru for help, but apparently didn't quite understand the directions.  Trying to reconnoiter, she decided to move to a lower level, not realizing the byway circled like a snail shell.  Her brain froze, her heart rate accelerated, and her hands went wet with sweat..  She slowed to thirty miles per hour, clutched the steering wheel for dear life, and, somehow, despite the honking and the angry motorists whizzing around her on the one-lane turn-off, survived. 

Fio's problem is that she doesn't see right--or rather, she sees right, but not left.  Fiorella lost the central vision in her left eye when she was in her late twenties, which means she has no depth vision.  Thus three-D is meaningless to her, curbs and street islands are hard to tell from any other concrete, and she panics when she is trapped in a byway with a concrete bottom and sides, the curve of which she can't discern.

Ad now you know why Fio never offers anyone a ride.

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