Monday, September 10, 2012


Sorry to have been so self-revelatory lately, but Fio is nothing if not introspective, maybe because her outward vision is so screwed up.  The macula of Fiorella's left eye has been scarred since her late twenties.  Whatever she looks directly at with that eye, she cannot see.  It's a blank, like a TV screen,  and the remaining peripheral vision just messes up what she sees with her right eye.  She's a little wall-eyed now and, because the defective eye tries to compete with the right eye, fuzzing her visual field, she  often closes her left eye when she draws, drives, reads, or plays the piano.

Yeah, Fiorella is, for all intents and purposes, monocular, which leaves her with no depth vision.  She has trouble seeing curbs and estimating distances, which has led to a couple of alignment problems for her darling baby car.

Fio tells you this because she doubts she's alone.  In fact, she knows it: Friend Ellen's sister-in-law also has a vision hole in one of her maculae.  How many others  like us are out there?

We need a cure.  The operation Friend Ellen's sister-in-law had didn't work, but maybe there's another solution to the problem, like, say, a special contact lens that would optically contract the blank area.  Opticians of the world, unite, put your thinking caps on, and fix Fiorella's vision! 

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