Monday, September 3, 2012

Blind Eye

Years ago, when Forella was finishing her schooling and working part-time in the Sears credit department, she befriended a new hire named Lisa.  Lisa was unusually short, had a lame leg, and her forehead was in continual flake from some kind psoriasis, all of which probably made Fio more sympathetic to her.  Then one day Lisa told Fio about asking a stupid black girl to hem a dress for her while she was visiting her parents' home in Mississippi over the holidays.

She'd told the girl she would pay her three dollars, but when the time came, she offered her a choice between the three dollars and an old skirt of hers.

"She just looked at me," Lisa exclaimed.  "I couldn't get her to make a decision!"

Fiorella wasn't as friendly toward Lisa after that, and not in the least sympathetic.

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