Saturday, September 29, 2012

House Snobbery, Part 2

People, wise up!  Houses are for comfort and shelter.  They're to live in, not runway items to go in and out of style as HG TV dictates.  Fio remembers the first time she  saw popcorn ceilings--she thought they were beautiful.  And they still are, but fashion has turned against them.  Likewise wood paneled family rooms.  And red walls.  And sliding glass doors.  And carpet in the bathroom (good riddance to that one). What's the next to go--kitchen islands?

I'll tell you what Fio would like to see bite the dust--can lights.  They're an eyesore and the very devil to change, especially with those new-fangled twisted light bulbs that blow every time you turn around.  But I think we're stuck with them until someone invents the glowing ceiling paint that Fio's been advocating for years.  Actually, she thinks the paint has already been invented, but no one can figure out how to turn it off.

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