Friday, September 21, 2012

Fiorella Plum vs. Rick Perry

Fiorella considers herself a Christian woman, but she's definitely not Rick Perry's brand of Christian.  In fact, she's a firm believer in the separation of church and state, a concept  Perry calls a "Satan-fueled myth" and blames on the Devil and his minions, the "secularists."

Contrary to Perry's claim that the country's founders "relied on God's values and the message of his son to build the system that we as a society have enjoyed for the last 200 years,"  historical research tells us that the founding fathers were deists--basically, agnostics.  But then, Perry's academic career at Texas A&M was somewhat less than stellar, although his C in American History did outshine his F in Organic Chemistry and D in Principles of Economics.

Fiorella, who made an A in American History, contends that separation of church and state was a prime precept on which our country was founded, the goal being to avoid the terrible religious wars that periodically ravaged Europe  (cf. Fio's blog on zealots).

Also, she believes in keeping one's prayers in the closet and that religion should not be used as a club against one's political opponents.

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