Saturday, September 22, 2012


Like everyone else, Fiorella is glad that our soldiers are coming home from Iraq, and you know they'll be greeted with welcoming accolades. But after the confetti has been swept up, where will they find jobs? The country's employment situation is dire, and it will only get worse when Johnny comes marching home again.

Jobs always go down the tubes when technological advances are made--think of the Luddite rebellion when mechanical looms were introduced in 1800s. And the outcome of the computer revolution was that jobs were flushed or outsourced. replacement of workers electronic devices. Of course, the downturn in the economy, brought on by tossing money into the bottomless money pit of war in the Near East, didn't help.

Obama's trying to get us going again, but Congress has even voted down plans to strengthen the nation's physical infrastructure, for apparently no other reason than to oppose Obama. In logic parlance, it's called an ad hominem argument: the GOP is against anything Obama proposes just because he's the one who proposed it.

But there's a historic danger when so many people are unemployed--especially if they're former military. The Occupy Wall Street movement may be a harbinger of more violent things to come.

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