Thursday, September 20, 2012

News Updates

Fio would like to be part of the forty-seven percent who don't have to pony up to IRS, but, except for the lean student years just after she and Husband got married, they've always had to pay the piper.  Now that they are more comfortably fixed, she'd still rather not pay--like the millionaires who've figured out ways to get around taxes.  Um--does that mean they support Obama?
Fiorella is amused that people have finally realized we've probably contaminated the moon and Mars with our landings, that minute microbes could have made it through the sterilization process and are seeding the universe.  She figured that out  some time ago, but her postulation goes even further.  Microbe or not, she thinks the capsules and payload themselves are contaminants because they cut the time/space continuum.

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again.  But what's new?

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