Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Sandman Cometh

After two nights of hot water bottles, soothing baths, and mind-numbing 3 a.m. TV, Fiorella finally got a full night's sleep.  And just in time.

Yes, tomorrow night is the big anniversary celebration.  Fio put her money down on the restaurant party room two months ago and sent out invitations.  Earlier this week she ordered the cake, and the past couple of days, she's been involved with the banner, which should be ready tomorrow morning (fingers crossed).  Yesterday Older son masterminded a search for fifty-cent pieces and started working on the cute memento dealie Fio will affix to the coins--except we're now using one-dollar coins instead.  And today, not only is Daughter taking Fio off to get a manicure, but Fio will stop in and check out the venue again and maybe arrange for some flowers.

Yes, Fiorella is setting up an event her late father-in-law would have called "Fio and her cast of thousands."  Cecil B. DeMille had nothing on her.

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