Monday, August 20, 2012

Better Tomorrow than Today

Fiorella likes to fix things, especially herself.  Yes, Fiorella is the self-improvement queen.  Born with Haverlock teeth, she went through orthodontics as as adult, later acquired a couple of caps, and recently had the last of her silver fillings replaced with porcelain.  Currently she's considering Invisalign.

And then there's the cosmetic surgery--the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, the lower face and neck lift, not to mention the botox, lasering, and electrolysis.  It's a wonder Husband and kids still recognize her.

Fio also gets her hair highlighted semi-regularly and strives to maintain the forty-pound weight loss she achieved last year.  And if there's any medical problem, she signs up immediately for the appropriate treatment.

You could say that Fio is insecure in her own skin, but she thinks of it as presenting her best face to the world.  Smile--you're on Candid Camera!

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