Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brain of Fire

Fiorella had trouble sleeping last night so she drew a hot bath for herself, selected an old favorite from the window ledge next to the tub, and wallowed in romance till her bath water cooled.

 Hearts of Fire is a historical set in the eleventh century, but Anita Mills' story is timeless--boy meets girl, they sorta like each other but sorta don't, he saves her butt and she saves his, they yearn after each other but he's promised to another, they become lovers and she runs off and marries someone else when she gets pregnant, etcetera on to the happy ending.  Sounds goosey when summarized like that, but the way the story is told makes it not only believable, but compelling.  Fiorella can only hope that while her body was wallowing in the tub, her brain was soaking up  voice, style, and technique.

Princess of Bosque Bend awaits.

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