Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scheduled for October 17th

Think kindly toward Fio.  She's scheduled for hip surgery on October 17, and, from what she's read--in the 43-page and 50-page preparation manuals--the recovery is a bear.  But Fiorella would rather go through a grueling recovery than continue to hobble around like she does now, gulping down five half-hydrocodones by day and one in the middle of the night, often resorting to sleeping in the bathtub.

But afterwards she'll have to give up sitting on her comfortable cushioned couch while she writes or watched television.  And because she won't be allowed to use stairs for an unknown period, she'll have to sleep downstairs in the guest room.  And with the utility room upstairs, she won't be able to do laundry either. And all her cosmetics will have to be moved downstairs from the master bathroom.  And her clothes from the master closet.

On the other hand, Fio went through open heart surgery years ago and is all the better for it.  God bless modern medicine.

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