Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doggie Bedtime

Good morning!  Fiorella slept part of the night in the best bed in the house, the waterbed--i.e., the tub.  Yes, it's an ideal shape for your Fio.  The recline of the back is good for her spine, and she can easily rest her swollen feet up against the front wall.  And the water is hot, soothing to her joints and muscles. Of course, it was a real shock to awaken three hours later in ice-cold water.

Normally Fio would partake of her water cure on a night she couldn't sleep and the hydrocodone didn't seem to be working, but last night it was because Sonya Dog needed her old routine before she would consent to going into her crate.  (Fio and Husband had tried to shake the pattern up a little, but Sonya balked at entering her boudoir.)  So they recreated the usual bedtime, with Husband going to bed first, Fio bringing Sonya up by the bedroom door next to the stairs, leaving her with Husband, then going through the other bedroom door into the bathroom and taking a bath.  Three hours later she returned to the bedroom, lured Sonya into her crate, sang "Soft Doggy" to her, and went to bed.

The good thing is that everyone slept through the rest of the night.  But Fiorella is concerned about the future.  Sonya's crate seems to be shrinking, and it's the biggest one PetsMart has in stock. 


Jan Hudson said...

Fence off a corner of the room.

Jan H.

Unknown said...

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