Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pedal Probs

Fiorella is on a hobby horse, but it's a bicycle this time.

Leave Lance Armstrong alone.  He's past history, no matter how pathetically he tries to prep his aging body for competition again.  Maybe he was a myth all along, but so what?  Although, he passed years of drug tests, he's been indicted by supposed witnesses. Again--so what?  What about all the other contenders who passed the drug tests, the losers?  How about a decade-long persecution of them?

As Fio has said before, she thinks most of the the effect of so-called performance enhancers is psychological, like a lucky rabbit's foot.  But if something gave ol' Lance a second or two's edge, so what?

So what if a baseball player used steroids?  They might have allowed him to hit a couple of balls out of the park, but they also carried out their own punishment on his body and relationships.  So what if Olympic contenders ingested something they thought might make them come out on top?  Isn't Gabby Douglas's drive and self-confidence something that puts her a notch up on her opponents? Should we outlaw adrenaline, focus, and spunk?

Anyway, we're talking about sports, which aren't that important in the long run of things.    Let's spend more time and money fighting poverty, ignorance, and real crime.

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