Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rhetoric Alert

The hallmark of a false prophet is speaking in the cadences of the King James translation of the bible.  Those "Lo and beholds" were faky even in the 1400's, designed to roll off the tongue and resound in the ear like, well, the voice of God.

Fiorella suspects the true voice of God is quieter--and more intelligent.  The psychotic rant against Obama she recently read accused him of everything from the steeple on down and predicted God's wrath on the populace and the planet because of him. Actually, Fio thinks God is not that interested in what happens regarding American politics, and she doubts if He considers the United States the linchpin of the world. 

Come on, people--put your thinking caps on.  If someone talks crazy, he is.  Forward.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Politics For The Gods, hmmm, that would make a good title.

I still like "stupid is as stupid does."