Monday, August 27, 2012

Backyard Safari

We have a hunter in the house, a mighty hunter who stalks the night, seizes his prey, and carries it off to his lair.

No, it's not Sonya, the mastiff, who has the equipment to do some mighty seizing herself, but Bosco, the pug, who last night chased down an errant frog hopping hell for leather down the backyard toward the pond.

Froggie never made it.

When Fio and Husband called Sonya and Bosco in for the night, Bosco didn't appear.  Panicked, Fiorella ran outside into the darkness and checked the gate to the yard to be sure it was locked while  Husband grabbed two big flashlights.  Sonya started barking at the narrow area between the barbecue and the fence, Bosco's favorite hidey hole, so Husband shone the light down into the darkness.  Sure enough, there was Bosco, growling fiercely, with a dead frog hanging from his mouth. 

Oh, yuck.

Fiorella took over the flashlights while Husband began poking at Bosco with a metal leaf broom to get him to give up his prey.  Sonya, of course, barked the whole time--she wanted the frog.  

The story ended happily.  Husband pried Bosco out of his den and flipped Froggie out of the yard, and Fio herded both dogs back into the house for the night.

But Bosco strutted.

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