Friday, May 22, 2009

Two to Go!

Celebrate early, celebrate late--
Upcoming is my anniversary date.
Yes, one whole year, day by day,
Fio's romped her merry way,
With Wendy Dog and Husband too,
Sometimes including one of you.
Yes, politics and TV fare,
Fads and fashion everywhere,
Books and comics, truth and lies,
Everything that money buys,
Even plastic surgery--
All, without apology,
That's marched across our Fio's stage
Has ended up upon this page.
And so, my friends, she bows to you,
As properly-raised children do,
To thank you for your patronage
And ask you keep your bookmark here
To stay tuned in for another year.


scotia girl said...

You've been doing this stuff a whole year now, Fio???

Congratulations from your crazy friend, Scotia Girl...

Anonymous said...

I'll be here, same time next year. Big Cheer! :)