Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Subjective

On Saturday Fiorella parked her car in Friend Kathryn's driveway and rode to the RWA critique session with her.

Fiorella survived the critique, but not the keeping-her-head-on-straight exam. On arriving back at Friend Kathryn's house, she discovered she had left her car keys at the site of the session, Friend Katie's house, an hour across town. So early this morning, Husband had to drive Fio back there to pick them up, then drive her back to Friend Kathryn's house to reclaim her car.

One hour plus one hour somehow equals two hours.

Along the way, they visited Fiorella's father in the nursing home, mailed first-of-the-month payments, and bought a nursery gift certificate for Kathryn as an apology for Fio's car hogging her driveway overnight.

Add another hour.

But they did not go to the grocery store today, a first. (Fio was surprised HEB didn't call to inquire if she and Husband were still alive--or at least about their hundred-dollar-a-week contribution to the Butt family's ever-increasing fortunes.)

Subtract an hour.

Then Fio and Husband collapsed for afternoon naps.

Subtract two hours.

Now it is supposedly four in the afternoon and Fio is not not quite sure where the time went. Obviously the clock is wrong and it is still mid-morning. We're having hamburgers for lunch. See you!

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