Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn Coat

Fiorella began her blog last year on this very day with a review of Jim Butcher's latest Harry Dresden tale. Therefore she considers it only appropriate to commemorate the occasion with a review of his new Harry Dresden adventure, Turn Coat.

Harry, at least according to Butcher, is the only wizard advertising in the Chicago phone book. Fio thinks of him as an adult, American Harry Potter.

Through eleven tomes, he has battled every kind of supernatural being imaginable, which can get sort of boring after a while, but Butcher also leads us through Harry's personal life: the angst of his youth, complicated family problems, consecutive girlfriends, etc.

Turn Coat was great, despite the usual overly-complicated plot. Fio likes the characters, the action, and the concepts. From book to book, Butcher keeps the story fresh by introducing new characters, which, of course, means dropping old ones. Bob, the ghost in the skull, makes only a token appearance. Policewoman Karrin also seems to be on her way out. Susan,the original girlfriend, is more gone than ever. Two more characters are lost in Turn Coat, but Fio won't tell who.

So go out and buy Turn Coat or check it out of your local library and celebrate Fio's first entry of her new year by curling up with a good book!

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