Thursday, May 21, 2009

Howling at the Moon

Remember when vampires and werewolves were scary? That clip of Dracula's skeletal hand lifting his coffin lid? His twisted shadow creeping up the stairs to the room of the sleeping damsel? The full moon causing mild-mannered gentlemen to transform in excruciating slow-motion into terrible beasts that chased children down dark country roads?

Relax. Fear no more. Fiorella is here to tell you that the traditional icons of terror have been tamed into romance heroes.

Yes, vampires are now merely superheroes with unusual nutritional requirements--mostly satisfied by artificial blood or wild animal hunts. And modern werewolves seem to be able to control their metamorphic tendencies at will, changing into lupines only when the occasional rescue of the damsel in distress is needed.

But what to do? If vampires and werewolves are now the good guys, who or what is powerful and evil enough to oppose them?

Enter the shapeshifters and zombies.

But Fio has to confess--she's written a nifty little novella in which the heroine is a shapeshifter. Yes, the gentrification of shapeshifters has begun, and you know who turned the tide.

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