Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Dump or Not to Dump

Fio has been thinking deep lately--politics, newspapers, societal cultures. Today she's going to dump on people who are dump specialists--that is, they're always shrieking at other women to dump their husbands if the men have affairs. The current center of controversy is Elizabeth Edwards, the dying wife of the former presidential wannabe, the one with the hair.

Fio thinks the decision to dump or not to dump (if that is the question) is a private matter. And whether or not Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Spritzer, Mrs. Gosselin, Mrs. Clinton and so many more choose to dissolve a long-term relationship that has produced children and a comfortable lifestyle is not a cut-and-dried decision. It isn't as warm and cuddly out there in the brave new world for newly-divorced females, especially those with children, as the dump-shriekers seem to think.

Just how would it benefit Elizabeth Edwards to free up her husband so he can remarry while she's on her deathbed? Divorce is not revenge or punishment for the offending party, but the dissolution of a family.

Yes, infidelity is a betrayal of trust and nothing will ever be the same again. But that's life. Do you dump the baby out with the dishwater? Do you dump a daughter who has shown up unmaritally pregnant? Do you dump a son arrested for speeding--or worse?

What ever happened to "stick by your man," to "for better or for worse?" Have husbands become disposable?

On the other hand, you could always kill those sons of bxtches.

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