Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Behind the Eight Ball

Was it all a big publicity stunt? After all, Amy Roloff has never made the cover of People, nor did Sharon Osbourne. But then there's Kate Gosselin, star of Jon and Kate plus Eight, which seems to be in danger of becoming Kate plus Eight minus Jon. She made it.

Fiorella told you that hair transplant had gone to his head. Jon has allegedly been over-enjoying the single life while Kate's been gone on various publicity junkets. On the other hand, the two always seemed strangely mismatched, with her so anal and him so . . . not.

We all got her measure after the program on which she was interviewing would-be maids and complained that she couldn't find one who was willing to scrub the floor on her hands and knees. Then there is her rabid insistence on the children eating organic. And think about how neat and clean her house always is--with eight kids, that should have been a dead give-away.

Apparently Jon is no prize either. Charming and cute, but something of a wascally wabbit who can't hold a job.

So now they're both supported off the backs of their kids' cuteness--and well-supported too, with a 24-acre wooded estate and very luxurious vacations to everywhere, and, yes, Kate's picture on the cover of People Magazine.

Supposedly the show is going to continue into a new season, with Jon and Kate working on their relationship. Hmmmm. Beginning to sound more and more to me like that Jim Carrey movie about a guy whose whole life was a TV show.

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